ServiceEcho's Reforestation Initiative

ServiceEcho has partnered with to help their reforestation efforts. With no cost to our customers, we help them to offset their carbon footprints.


How Large is Your Carbon Footprint?

You may already know that carbon dioxide (CO2) is the main greenhouse gas that contributes to global warming. Almost everything we do creates some level of CO2 emissions, and every business has a carbon footprint. You may also know how large the carbon footprint is for your company (if you don’t, you can access our Business Carbon Footprint Calculator). As an example, here are some averages.


The office space for a company that has 30 employees creates about 30.51 metric tons of carbon dioxide annually.


A fleet of 20 vans and/or trucks that travel an average of 15,500 miles per year creates about 167.42 metric tons of carbon dioxide annually.

While you can reduce your carbon footprint, it is impossible to eliminate all C02 emissions from your business. Even if you optimize your routes and switch to alternative fuel, driving to the location of a work order is still going to create C02 emissions. In response to this many organizations work to offset their carbon footprint. The best option to offset is by planting trees as they are able to absorb the C02 that we created so that it doesn’t thicken our atmosphere. One tree will absorb roughly 1 metric ton of C02 over a span of 40 years.

What ServiceEcho is Doing to Help

At ServiceEcho, we are doing our part to offset our carbon footprint, and we’re dedicated to helping offset the footprint of our customers. We have partnered with One Tree Planted to help offset the amount of carbon dioxide our customers are producing. The best part? It’s all included as part of our service.

Here’s how it works. Every time a customer creates 10,000 work orders in our platform, ServiceEcho will have a tree planted in their honour. When a customer reaches our pre-set milestones, numerous trees will be planted at once to honour that. The chart to the right outlines those milestones and how many trees will be planted at each level.


Where Reforestation Occurs


One Tree Planted plants trees in multiple locations across North America: California, Oregon, Colorado, Florida and British Columbia. By default, ServiceEcho will choose the location closest to our customers. However, we do give the option to our customers to set a preferred location. We also send information on the impact our customers contributed to that region.

Additional Benefit to Our Customers

Every time a tree is planted for one of our customers, we will tag their business on social media platforms. This way not only will the company know that a good deed is being done in their honour, but their customers will be able to see that their organization is making a positive impact on the environment. Consumers respond well to environmentally and socially conscious messaging, so this recognition can equate to more business for our customers.

Additionally, ServiceEcho provides a badge for each customer to display on their website and their electronic work orders. Each badge will link to a webpage, fully outlining what they are doing to help offset their carbon footprint. It will be an icon of the customer’s commitment to creating a more sustainable future.

Join Us in Our Reforestation Effort

This program will help to offset your carbon footprint without requiring any extra work from you. Just by using our product we will plant trees and give you the credit. To learn more, Request a Demo.