Advantages of Having an FSM Solution for Your Oil and Gas Company

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The Oil and Gas industries have been rapidly growing over the past couple of years. With more companies entering the space, competition has increased immensely within the industry. With increased competition, companies have to find a way to distinguish themselves from them by implementing solutions that streamlines their processes; like for example a field service management solution. Field service management can help improve efficiencies, increase visibility between the office and the field, and reduce the amount of downtime.

In this blog post, you will learn the advantages of having an effective and efficient FSM solution like ServiceEcho for your Oil and Gas organization.

Scheduling and Dispatching

Scheduling is a challenge for many Oil and Gas companies, as they find it hard to communicate effectively with technicians out in the field. ServiceEcho eliminates this issue with an integrated drag and drops scheduling tool that allows companies to easily assign technicians based on their skillset. Making your dispatcher’s and field technician’s jobs easier when they don’t have to worry about communication regarding their scheduling.

The field technicians are the ones that represent your company to the customer, so it’s key to ensure that when dispatching the workers are qualified and experienced as the service they provide is what customers later on assess. Get the right technician to the right job, the first time.

Ability to track your inventory

Not being able to complete certain tasks because of limited inventory can be frustrating. With there being a variety of parts and tools that are needed for day to day work orders, it becomes a challenging task to keep track of inventory. ServiceEcho acknowledges this issue and has provided a way for technicians to digitally track and record the inventory they use on their mobile devices.  This will allow companies to keep track of inventory and make any calculated decisions if needed in case of an emergency. The solution records every time a technician uses a certain part and sends out live notifications in real time when inventory is low. Thus allowing you to be sufficiently stocked, always. 

Improves service delivery

In the Oil and Gas industry, there are many recurring services. That can be sometimes forgotten about if not recorded properly, this is considered to be a common mistake from technicians. Yet, with this mistake can come detrimental consequences, as without routined maintenance a small issue can turn into a catastrophic emergency that will cost money, worker safety, and customer trust. 

With the ServiceEcho field service solution, technicians can document live recordings, pictures, and notes into the customer file and are able to set up live notifications when service maintenance is required. This will allow technicians to schedule future maintenance work and reduce the number of missed routined checks. 

Provides real time data

In the Oilfield service industry, it is important that technicians are able to communicate with the people in the office and provide them access to the data they collect on the field in real time. As the data is what allows companies to prepare for any negative drilling events, predict pore pressures, and help identify missed zones of pay. With real time data being provided to the office, OFS companies are able to make informed decisions quicker. In addition, there is an increase in visibility between the office and the field, making it easier for all internal stakeholders. 
At ServiceEcho, we create a complete and robust solution that provides services to best suit all of your Oil and Gas needs. To learn more about our solution, book a demo and speak to an expert to find out more information on how your Oil and Gas company can benefit from our solution.