Why You Should Attend Trade Shows?


Trade shows, also known as trade fairs, is an exhibition in which companies promote their products and services. Usually, these trade shows are on specific industries like, for example, HVAC, Construction, etc. Trade shows are a great way to build company awareness and connect with like-minded people. With the outbreak of Covid 19, trade shows were all canceled and postponed last year but are slowly making a return this year. 

In this blog, we will discuss a few reasons why you should consider attending a trade show. 

Build Company Awareness

Attending trade shows and participating in them can benefit your business as it increases your company’s brand awareness. You can market your company in various ways at trade shows, like renting a booth, banners, labeling, and more. However, it does come at a cost. According to Spingo, 92% of attendees visit trade shows to learn about new and exciting products and services. On average, attendees spend around 8.3 hours visiting all displays and booths, according to display wizard. Trade shows are the place to be if you’re looking to meet new connections or build your brand awareness. 

However, before attending, It is highly recommended that you do some research on the type of trade show and the different marketing packages they have. 

Connect with Potential Prospects

Hundreds of companies attend trade shows, all with the same goal, which is to advertise their new products and services to the attendees at the front. Trade shows allow companies to connect with prospective customers and essentially demonstrate their products and services. The benefit of trade shows is that nine times out of ten, the attendees are either interested in the industry or work in the specific industry. With that said, connecting with attendees who have an interest is much easier to advertise to than people you’re cold calling too. Attending these trade shows and being active in them can be a touchpoint in your potential customer’s Journey. 

The beauty of this all is that there are so many trade shows all over the world, and it gets attraction from people all over the world, making it more appealing for service companies to attend and booth. 

Evaluate competitors services and products

Another reason why you should consider attending trade shows as a field service business owner is that you can evaluate competitors’ services and products and compare them to yours. It is ideal because it is vital to acknowledge your competition and ensure that your products and services are similar to them to guarantee that you’re not at a disadvantage when compared by a customer. Knowing your competition will help you improve your products and services and gather more ideas for improvements. Overall, trade shows are a place to be if you are trying to build brand awareness, build connections and evaluate your competitors and other similar industry professionals. 

At ServiceEcho, we know how beneficial trade shows can be, and that is why we look to attend many every year as it helps us grow our brand and connect with field service industry professionals. We hope to communicate with you at the following local trade show and share our robust field service management software, which you can learn more about by scheduling a discovery with one of our experts.