FAQs about Field Service Management

What is Field Service Management?

Field Service Management (FSM) tools utilize comprehensive systems that can manage workers, from the office, who are in the field. Originally, Field Service management involved manual processes that resulted in inefficiencies from communications to customer service. As the field service industry evolved and became more complex, however, the need for dynamic technology became increasingly evident. Today, there are hundreds of solutions for managing a Field Service team that addresses unique challenges such as miscommunication, scheduling, work order management, inventory and invoicing that have caused a shift in the ways stakeholders interact with each other, having your organization communicate on all the same levels.


How can FSM help my business?

Industries are becoming more technologically-driven and as such, the ability to implement and leverage technology is no longer a competitive advantage but instead a qualifier. FSM is an opportunity for your company to take control of costs without having to sacrifice the quality of service. FSMs offer work order creation, inventory management, job status updates, integrated invoicing process, technician location tracking, knowledge and asset repositories, technician time tracking for payroll and more. Technicians can spend more time on serving your customers, and less is wasted on mundane administrative tasks.


Will the onboarding/implementation process be a challenge?

Applying any new technology in your organization can be daunting. Certain FSM tools will capitalize every step of the way, billing you for the entire implementation as well as any minor customization you require. A complete FSM will tailor the solution to your specific business needs. We understand that your business model is unique and we do not believe in billing our customers for being innovative with their operations. We offer our customers 40 hours of free assisted integration to ensure you are getting the most out of your investment with us. 


How does the technology work?

A good field service software comes as a mobile or web-based application, making them accessible through smartphones, tablets or laptops. The technology easily integrates with your existing backend systems which allows for an easy onboarding process. Depending on your business needs, you may require customization, for example, offering 40 hours of onboarding training and support.


Does FSM integrate with different CRMs?

Well-made FSM’s will have seamless integration with the CRM of your choice like Salesforce. In addition to integration, they can also replace the CRM so that everything from invoicing to customer relationship management to work orders is under one powerful solution. With one single source of truth, your organization is able to make decisions based on the same, relevant data. With Serviceecho, integration is pain-free as possible, if it’s with our partner Salesforce or any CRM that your organization may be using.

How does FSM help me reduce paperwork?

One way FSM can reduce paperwork is through digital automatic invoices, avoiding the problem of missing paper invoices and information, which also eliminates increased costs. Your technicians are able to generate invoices and collect payments without having to rely on the back office to generate print and mail payment requests. . All your information about equipment can be tracked digitally, and you can assign the right technician to the right job, without having to print out multiple schedules. Overall, you can experience fewer calls from your technicians because, with the right FSM, your team has everything they need and are able to focus on providing the best service.


Can FSM increase employee productivity?

With time-saving and team management functionalities, improving productivity is within arms reach for any field service operation. When employees have all the information they need to complete their work orders in one centralized location, they can complete work orders faster and focus on customer service. Mapping and routing help to optimize their route to and from locations, allowing employees to accomplish more in the day. Ultimately, with the increased transparency between field workers and management, performance can be reviewed using features such as asset management and time logs to identify areas of improvement.

Alongside this, functionalities such as custom dashboards allow your business to track KPI’s that matter most to you whether that’s customer retention, technicians’ efficiency or overall profitability. Ensuring that your business is focusing on your customer’s unique needs. 


How can Customer service improve with FSM?

Your customers are likely to expect exceptional customer service from your team, with the right FSM this is easier. FSM solution can focus on streamlining the service process that eats into your field workers’ time while dealing with customers- whether that’s invoicing, gathering information going back and forth with the office or making sure customers’ history is accurate. Overall, reading downtime and increasing the efficiency of your employees allows them to focus on customer satisfaction and loyalty, leading to repeat business. You can be alerted of follow-up calls and have the chance to up-sell your services.


Who can use an FSM solution?

FSM is for any company that has employees working in the field. Complete FSM solutions like ServicEcho are customized for many industries including HVAC, Construction, Irrigation, Medical Equipment, Security System Solutions, Energy, Telecommunications and much more. From dispatchers to field workers to senior management, FSM solutions are the single source of truth for the entire field service organization. 


How does having an FSM solution make invoicing easier?

FSM empowers your employees to collect on-site signatures for automatic invoicing to the customer and this information is shared instantaneously with the office. Employees are able to seal the deal on-site and speed up the payment process. 


Does the first-time fix rate improve with FSM?

By providing your teams with the right customer and job details, parts, and materials, the first-time fix rate can be improved. With complete knowledge of all the details a field worker may need to assist your customers, that is updated and relevant, customers can be served better. With the right tools and materials, employees can maximize their productivity and customer satisfaction.


How does communication improve between office and field workers?

With the ability to update customer notes, pictures, videos, voice recordings and even capture customer signatures on-site, communication channels are streamlined. Data can be managed in real-time between the parties, saving the time it would have taken to call back and forth between the office and field. One centralized location for all information means that all decisions are data-driven and consistent amongst relevant stakeholders. With increased transparency between the entire team, you can communicate more efficiently with office and field teams. For example, having a  cloud-based solution allows for documents, invoices and updates to be shared instantaneously.


Does FSM eliminate manual processes?

FSM can reduce tedious administrative tasks significantly. Organizations can make data-driven decisions with detailed performance reports without the need to manually collect and calculate data. The invoicing process can be fast-tracked as quoting and invoicing can be done electronically to allow for more efficient sales and payroll processes. 


What are some features that can save time for employees on the field?

Optimized routing mapping, automatic invoicing and quoting all in one central location for all customer information are a few ways employees can save time. Digitizing the entire process from start to finish on employees’ mobile devices allows them to speed up administrative tasks.

Data management is simple and effective through the same app and reduces time spent on conveying key information.


How does FSM optimize mapping and routing?

With the ability to spend more time on billable work instead of travel time, FSM solutions can calculate the optimal routing to work sites and back on your field workers’ mobile devices. This ensures they don’t keep customers waiting and can fit more work orders in their schedules without having to sacrifice customer service and ultimately, increasing revenue.


Can I manage all my assets and inventory through an FSM solution?

Tracking your inventory and assets through one location using performance reports to determine where and how certain assets were used prevents any insufficient resources from affecting the customer experience. 

Overall investing in FSM can be beneficial for your business, employees and customers but it is crucial for you to invest in the right FSM. ServiceEcho offers a wide array of functions that work towards increasing productivity, improving data management and saving time reducing manual tasks. Request to learn more and have all your questions about FSM answered by the experts at ServiceEcho or Book a Demo today to see what ServiceEcho can do for you and your customers.