How can a Paving Company Benefit from Using an FSM Solution?

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Paving is a demanding industry because they’re contracted to do both commercial and residential work. Paving firms are generally found out in the field performing operations such as excavation, grading, asphalt removal, and paving. Paving companies frequently employ a large number of pavers and field workers, and so managing them all and streamlining all of their work that is done on-site manually may become tiresome and complex. 

In this blog, we will look at how paving companies can benefit from ServiceEcho’s Field Service Management solution.

Documenting tool 

When a work order is assigned, the first thing a paver or fieldworker has to do is to conduct a site visit. This visit is required since it is during this visit that the dimensions and materials required are recorded and the price is delivered. Most paving companies take these measurements by hand and then email or contact an estimator for price. This is a time-consuming and inefficient process because there is a lot of back and forth between the fieldworker and the estimator, resulting in downtime. Manually recording site visit results on paper can be problematic because there is a risk of losing the document, decreasing the paper quality, or misplacing it. Having said that, the ServiceEcho documentation feature allows pavers to manually enter dimensions and key comments into the mobile app, which is then saved under that work order and forwarded to the office. This recording tool expedites the process and reduces the back-and-forth between the office workers and the paver. Another advantage of using this recording tool is that you can always go back and review the project notes and crucial measurements whenever you want without having to sift through mounds of paper and cabinets. Finally, this documenting tool enables site users to capture and share information with office personnel in real-time. 

Our work order management system is another feature that paving companies can benefit from.

Work order management 

When the site visits are completed and pricing is agreed upon, the work is divided into work orders. That being said, when dispatching your staff to a job site it is critical to ensure that they are well-equipped with the necessary information and facts. Otherwise, there may be significant delays, errors, and downtime. The work order management feature of ServiceEcho allows office workers to create work orders and attach the necessary information to the work order for the needs of the pavers. This ensures that the worker assigned to the assignment is properly equipped and prepared when he or she arrives on the job site. When supervisors or foremen visit the site, they have all of the information at their fingertips rather than having to phone the office to request details. Overall, the work order management tool allows paving businesses to equip their staff with the correct project details before they arrive, as well as organize the tasks that must be completed in an easier to comprehend manner.

To learn more about our field service management solution and the other advantages it offers to the paving and construction industry, check out our website for the video testimonial of our recent paving and construction client.