How can an Automated FSM Solution Generate More Opportunities for your Oil and Gas Company?

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With technology becoming a pivotal part of many businesses, it is important to know how to effectively use new technologies to carve new opportunities. With an automated field service management solution oil and gas companies are able to work more efficiently and effectively. This solution solves many day to day issues oil field service companies may have and creates new opportunities for them.  

In this blog, we will discuss how ServiceEcho FSM solutions can help oil and gas companies generate more opportunities. 

Better customer service 

When it comes to providing quality customer service, it is important that technicians are communicative, consistent, and transparent as this is what nurtures the customer relationship. Oil and Gas companies struggle to stay connected with their technicians when they’re out on the field as there tends to be a communication gap between the people in the office and technicians out on the field. This gap is what causes miscommunication between technicians and customers and is what jeopardizes the relationship. To tighten the gap, ServiceEcho has implemented a work order management feature and an easy drag and drop scheduling tool as part of their FSM solution. With the work order management feature, people in the office are able to send out customer details in real time to technicians. This will allow technicians to be more prepared and responsive if the customers ask any questions. The drag and drop scheduling tool helps companies schedule their technicians based on their experiences and ensures that the right technician is providing the quality service the customer deserves. With the work order management feature and the scheduling tool, Oil and gas companies are able to limit the chances of miscommunication and promise more quality service. 

Consistent and transparent service is almost always expected by every customer when searching for field services. It is important that companies provide the same quality service to every customer, as that is what helps convert new customers into lifelong customers. Yet, sometimes companies fail to provide the same quality service due to overwhelming tasks like administrative tasks and paperwork clouding their consistency resulting in poor service quality. With an automated FSM solution like ServiceEcho, Oil and Gas companies are able to spend less time on tedious administrative tasks and more time on revenue generating opportunities and consistent service. When it comes to delivering a service, customers tend to fear the pricing stage as they dislike hidden costs and markups some companies may add. Oil and Gas Field Service companies can provide more transparent services through a clear and concise invoicing tool. At ServiceEcho, we acknowledge that a transparent invoicing system is an essential part of building a good customer relationship and service, and that is why we implement a mobile billing system. With this mobile billing system, empower your technicians to quote and invoice customers on the spot. This gives customers more sense of relief and comfort in continuing doing business with the company. By providing better customer service, Oil and gas companies can turn their one time customer into lifetime customers and also generate more opportunities through referrals.

Reduce costs 

According to MaxGrip, the negative financial impact of unplanned downtime in the oil and gas industry adds up to tens of millions every year. Even a 1% unplanned downtime adds millions in maintenance costs and lost production. The oil and gas industry loses millions of dollars to unexpected downtime and this can be something that is detrimental to your business. Oil and gas companies must take a predictable approach when it comes to maintenance as their current maintenance operations are still costing them unexpected downtime. A solution to this costly problem is digitally organizing maintenance history in files and setting up live notification alerts for when maintenance is coming up. With the ServiceEcho field service management solution, oil and gas companies can organize this data in a way that is easily accessible in a matter of seconds and will be able to reduce the amount of downtime. With this solution implemented, oil and gas companies can reduce the amount of cost spent on downtime and use it towards generating more opportunities for the company. 

At ServiceEcho, we acknowledge the importance of building new opportunities and that is why we provide a seamless solution that can help carve out new opportunities for your oil and gas companies. To learn more about how you can effectively use our solution to initiate more opportunities, book a Demo today and speak to an expert.