How FSM can empower your employees

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Job performance and satisfaction are key components in empowering employees. When employees feel like they can do their job well and organizations provide them with the right tools and resources, they are more likely to commit to their jobs and thus increase overall customer satisfaction. 

Field Service Workers may sometimes feel as though they spend less time doing what they do best and where their skills lie. Time spent on manual data entry, invoicing, going back and forth with the office etc. can affect their productivity. Implementing a Field Service Management Solution is a tool that can help field workers feel prepared as the first point of contact with customers and focus on where their expertise lies, streamlining the entire process.

Here are some ways FSM technology can empower employees:

The mobile aspect allows employees to access their schedule for the day, documentation, the route plan, instructions, and other essential information about the work order or resources to help them complete the job. When the work is complete, the technician is able to get an electronic signature from the customer that is shared with the office instantly.

“With the time saved by FSM technology such as ServiceEcho, technicians are able to offer better customer service, build stronger relationships with customers, offer quicker service, and potentially can do more work orders during the day if they are ahead of schedule”

With functionalities such as drag and drop scheduling and a do list on ServiceEcho, mobile applications can provide a complete agenda for field service workers. All tasks can be found in one easy-to-use app, making it easier to manage from the office or on the field and meet customer demands. Employees save time they would spend going back and forth between customer locations and the office. 

Comprehensive knowledge of the work order gives employees everything they need to get the job done right. When all information is available to employees about customer history, assets, inventory and locations in one central location, more time is spent on valuable work hours. Service Managers can easily update them from the office without multiple calls and miscommunication. Employees have access to anything they need to personalize the customer experience, give customers accurate information or find new opportunities.

Your field service workers are experts in a lot of matters, no doubt but invoicing is most likely not amongst them. Administrative tasks such as writing up invoices, keeping track of parts and inventory or updating the office every now and then can create more obstacles in achieving maximum productivity and customer satisfaction. Automatic features such as invoicing, monitoring and managing technicians’ locations, progress on work orders and integrated payment processing make it significantly easier to for the office to have visibility while employees can focus on meeting customer demands and minimize any errors that certain processes are prone to. 

Visibility between office and field workers improves communication and time spent going back and forth. Performance can be easily managed and monitored through real-time updates on travel time and time taken to complete a task. Having an integrated system like ServiceEcho, makes it easier among employees, especially if your organization employs part-time, full-time or contract workers, for important information such as work history to reach the right people at the right time, so they can get it right the first time.

Managing your team with a Field Service solution is not only simple but empowers your team on the field with ServiceEcho. From performance management to payroll, it allows you to manage your team with an end-to-end solution, leaving your employees equipped with knowledge and tools to successfully deliver results.

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