How FSM tools can boost your revenue

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Field Service Management tools such as ServiceEcho can help companies boost their revenue through better transparency between field workers and management which in turn allows for better customer service.

When tasks are clearly defined and organized, through an easy-to-use mobile application, work order management is simplified. Key metrics such as travel time and labour hours are captured, allowing for improved performance management as well as KPI tracking. 

As a result of increased visibility between office and field workers, managers have a better understanding of what works and what doesn’t. Resources can be allocated efficiently through inventory and asset management tools. Routing and map functionalities allow for greater efficiency and time management when executing work orders.

Customers like their services to be quick, if they aren’t satisfied, they will abandon you for another service company that provides a timely service. With an FSM, technicians can get to the customer faster, with the right tools and information, to provide the fastest service possible.

Having access to information about customers’ preferences, history, and services offered in one central location, shared between management and field workers gives them the opportunity to upsell. Quoting is instantaneous and can be done through a mobile application and with mobile signatures, the deal can be closed then and there. Customer relationships are managed better and time spent on scheduling and going back and forth is eliminated.

Using FSM technologies, decision-makers have access to a comprehensive overview of business operations.

“With data that can easily be translated into performance, sales, or inventory reports, planning for the future is easier and efficient”

Eliminating the majority of manual data entries ensures that errors are minimized and reports are more accurate. FSM technologies are capable of handling data that is complex and dynamic, supporting the growth of operations as the business expands. 

Field Service Management tools can add value to your existing CRM technologies, allowing you to employ a more proactive approach. Anticipating your client’s needs is likely to boost retention as your employees are able to identify and solve issues before they arise. From data management to creating accurate reports, integration with CRM can increase the profitability of any Field Service Operation. 

With ServiceEcho, increasing customer satisfaction and retention to boost your revenue is simple. Book a live demo to see the difference a partnership with the right Field Service Technology can make.

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