How ServiceEcho Can Boost Technician Safety

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Technician safety is an incredibly important aspect of field service businesses. It’s the company’s responsibility to ensure that their employees are well-informed,  well-trained, and well-prepared. Hard-hats and steel-toed boots are obvious safety measures, but what about the technology your company operates on? In this blog we’ll explore how ServiceEcho can help ensure your workers’ safety.

Limited Communications

Working in the field is often inherently more dangerous than in a factory or office, due to the limited amount of co-workers and support nearby. Work environments can change daily, and that comes with a loss of control. Hospitals, if needed, are often further away and transport can be an issue. 

With FSM software, management has greater visibility into employees’ status including location, and they will know if an employee has been unresponsive due to our GPS tracking feature.

Customizable Safety Checklists

ServiceEcho can ensure your workers are following relevant safety codes by providing employers with templates and checklists for your workers to fill out before commencing work. Having necessary safety steps spelled out, and making it mandatory for workers to verify they’ve read and agreed by providing a signature, is an effective way to reduce negligence and eliminate workplace accidents. Work orders can also be customized with sequenced steps, for example, verifying that the power must be shut down before work begins.

Electrical, respiratory, fire and chemical hazards all need to be respected and worked around with care to avoid an accident and maintain your workplace’s safety. Working with high-voltage equipment, flammable materials and potentially dangerous chemicals require employers to take necessary precautions. With ServiceEcho, your company can reduce liability by having documented proof that you are following local compliance requirements. But liability aside, your technicians will feel better about going out into the field if they know their company has their back.

Job History Details

Having a detailed history of your company’s past services performed for a customer can also help with preventing injury. If it is known to your company that a particular piece of equipment has a loose alternator, a leaky pipe, a clogged filter, or anything else that could be dangerous, the technician will be better informed about what the potential hazards with that piece of equipment may be.

Particularly when businesses deal with potentially dangerous materials, such as pest control, or exhaust system cleaning, having documented proof that service was performed on a given date is a necessary tool to ensure compliance. Our asset management features also help by putting maintenance on a recurring schedule, so that equipment never becomes worn-down or unsafe. ServiceEcho has features that allow users to attach pictures directly to work orders to highlight safety concerns in real-time, and keep everyone in the company aware of hazards on a job site.

ServiceEcho has all the tools your business needs to ensure that operations are safe, effective, and compliant with regulations. To learn more about our solution, book a demo with us and one of our experts will be glad to walk you through in more detail.