How to Make Dispatchers’ Lives Easier with Field Service Dispatch Software?

PrashanthDispatching, Field Service

Dispatching is a critical operation in the field service business since it helps assign the appropriate professionals and personnel to related work orders. This procedure requires a great deal of information and planning and without a streamlined system in place, office employees may spend too much time communicating with technicians regarding scheduling, tracking cars, and route planning. The dispatching process has evolved over time, from being done manually using spreadsheets and phone calls to today being done via software.

In this article, we will define dispatching and examine how dispatching software can make dispatchers’ jobs easier.

What is Dispatching 

Dispatching is the process of assigning technicians and contractors to do specific tasks that were scheduled by the customer. In a field service business, dispatchers have to coordinate with the tasks and technicians to ensure that the qualified personnel is sent to the work order. This process is considered to be important because it confirms that the techs you’re sending out to work orders will get the job done the first time the right way. If dispatching is not done correctly it can cause a lot of downtime and unsatisfied customers. With manual dispatching, it requires an office team to always be connected and attached to a phone in case of an emergency. This can cost your employees to waste a lot of time and effort that can be implemented elsewhere. 

Benefits of using of dispatching 

There are plenty of benefits of using dispatching software but the main benefit is optimizing scheduling, this process will help save your field service business time and money. With a more digital system in place, allocating tasks and scheduling work orders become an effortless process. It will also make tracking technicians easier as it is more organized through the drag and drop function and color-coding. With an automatic approach, emergencies can be solved with no stress as the software will automatically assign the next experienced worker nearby to the job. This means no more endless phone calls and tiring holds on the phone. With a more streamlined approach like ServiceEcho, technicians’ travel time will also be reduced as they will be given optimal routes to take to their assigned work orders. 

Providing a great customer experience should be a top priority for all field service businesses. A great customer experience is what leads to revenue-generating opportunities and growth for the company. With that being said, implementing a more structured dispatching software will ensure that customer service is on point as it will aid in guaranteeing timely technicians and improve first-time fix rates.

Lastly, it will really open up the visibility in your business, it will allow the people in the office to understand and point out where the technicians are and really shine a light on the required work week. 

Why ServiceEcho

ServiceEcho provides a robust solution that has multiple features, with dispatching as one of them. With our solution, you will not only be able to reap the benefits of a dispatching service but also invoicing, team management, inventory tracking, and more. We work hard to offer field service business solutions to all your field service needs. For more information, book a demo today and speak to an expert on how our solution can help streamline your process.