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Here’s some exciting news – next week, on January 20 at 2PM EST, we’ll be hosting a webinar on the subject ‘Why You Need a Field Service Management Solution’. In this webinar, we’ll go over common challenges many field service managers and technicians face on a daily basis. We’ll delve into how ServiceEcho can avoid these pain points, and lead to a better customer experience. And in this blog, we’ll give you a sneak peek of what to expect during the webinar!

Industry Statistics

We’ll go more in depth about some interesting industry statistics in field service industries – for example, in 2020 only 25% of field service organizations were using spreadsheets for job scheduling, with the rest using whiteboards or other manual methods. As your business grows, a more robust application with a spreadsheet function can be a great way to reduce administrative workload.

Challenges Field Service Companies Face

One of the problems in field service today is illegible handwriting. An estimated $10 billion of service revenue is lost or not actualized by field service organizations using paperwork orders across North America each year. But with ServiceEcho, you can take the guesswork out of paperwork, and make sure everyone is on the same page – or tablet, as the case may be!

We’ll also touch on other challenges many organizations face – like the difficulties of collaboration over long distances, unoptimized sales processes, visibility and planning when dealing with complex services, and up-stream compliance. If you or your organization struggles with any of these, this webinar will help you know more about your options, and the solution that ServiceEcho offers.

Our History

Aside from use cases and challenges, we’ll also touch on our history as a company and what kind of companies we work with. If your organization is involved in electrical, paving, oil and gas, HVAC, or construction, chances are we have a client similar to your organization, and you can learn about the challenges that we have overcome together.


We will also do a deeper dive into the major features of ServiceEcho- features like our scheduling and dispatching tool, which allows you to easily drag and drop appointments, and increases visibility with color-coordination. And our team management feature, which makes payroll and billing effortless. We’ll talk about our document synchronization, which can improve communication between team members, and saves documents even when technicians are offline in the field and uploads them automatically when they’re back in service range. Another great feature is our asset and inventory tracking, which allows you to know exactly how and where inventory is being used, and receive automatic warning notifications. Work order management will also be explained, and our tool allows work orders to be organized in a viewable manner which allows technicians to prepare ahead of time.

To sign up for our webinar, click the register button below, and we’ll send out an email with a meeting link a bit closer to the date.

We hope to see you there!