Field Service Statistics You Aren’t Aware Of

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Statistics are important.  Being aware of statistics that are specific to your industry can help you understand your customers better, make informed decisions, and keep up with competitors. In this blog, we will be going over field service industry statistics to help you better understand your industry and its customers, as well as solutions to help your field service business … Read More

ServiceEcho Has a NPS Score and Service Uptime in the 90th Percentile

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A survey from the Uptime Institute’s 2021 Global Data Center reveals that over 60% of the business respondents reported losing more than $100,000 due to downtime. From that 60%, 15% lost over $1 million. It’s self explanatory: downtime for data driven businesses can be extremely costly. That’s why businesses must choose the technology they depend on year in and year … Read More

How Using Field Service Management Software Can Increase ROI

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Digital transformation is essential in the field service industry to run a successful business. With the right field service management software, businesses can manage their work orders, inventory, customers, and invoices more efficiently. Investing in FSM software allows companies to efficiently delegate tasks to field technicians. By investing your time more wisely, you will be able to focus more on … Read More

Common Field Service Administrative Tasks That Can Cost Your Business

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As field service technicians go through their daily tasks, there are many systems and processes that need to be organized in order for the business to function properly. The efficiency of these operations dictate the success of your field service business as extra time spent on these tasks can result in higher administrative and operational costs. In this blog, we … Read More

How Field Service Management Software Can Decrease Downtime

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Downtime can cost your field service business if not managed properly. It is important to evaluate your current operations and see which areas in your business are being held back by unnecessary downtime. Whether it be material and equipment downtime, data processing downtime, or field technician downtime, this extra time spent on tasks can add up to extra costs. A … Read More