Three Field Service Mobile App Features You Need

Aeshah AhmedField Service, Technology

When selecting a field service mobile application to use, it is critical to know which features are most important to your company. Field service management solutions with native mobile apps give you key features in a simplified mobile-friendly format so your technicians can complete their work orders and keep customers satisfied.

If you are considering a field service management solution with a mobile app, this blog will discuss the three must-have field service mobile app features to help your business.

Time Tracking

Compared to other industries, employees in the field service industry don’t typically report to the same location everyday. Field service workers are often performing services for several different clients at different locations, so time tracking becomes a more complex process.

The best approach for field service companies to track time is to use a field service management software that uses an app. Through the app, workers are able to track their travel time to the work site, and the amount of time completing the service for each client. They are also able to “pause” their current job, if they are on lunch break or have to stop working for another reason, and resume after. With this, field service companies can ensure they are accurately documenting the amount of billable time spent per client, and bill accordingly.

Notes and Documentation

While working on-site, it can be a hassle to manually keep track of documentation. Small details that are important to the client, such as gate codes and preferences in service time, can easily be misplaced or lost in translation. With lots of information to keep track of, it can get tricky to organize and access important documents and contracts.

Using a field service mobile app, workers are able to document important information in different formats. They can upload pdfs, pictures, videos, voice recordings, and even customer signatures. The offline data collection feature also allows workers to add notes without internet connection, automatically syncing once back online. This gives field workers more ways to record important information right from their phones while on the job. With everything saved in the cloud, it can also be accessed from the office providing a seamless experience.

GPS Map and Routing

In the field service industry, technicians spend a lot of their time on the road or at the worksite, rarely staying at the office. Oftentimes technicians are stuck in traffic or making inefficient trips, leaving customers waiting.

A field service mobile app, with a coordinated GPS tool, helps field technicians by minimizing travel time and using optimal routing to and from work sites. This will ensure timely service delivery and reduce the number of hours they would normally spend in traffic. Office staff can also see real-time locations of field workers, helping with more efficient dispatching. Overall, the GPS feature not only saves businesses time, but also reduces technician stress, allowing them to better serve their customers.

The Solution

ServiceEcho is a field service management software that provides a mobile application for field technicians, available on both iOS and Android. Our solution unlocks the potential of field service with all the must-have features for a field service business. To learn more about our solution and our other app features, book a demo and speak with an expert.