What does Field Service Management look like during a pandemic?

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A lot has changed since the start of the pandemic, particularly the way we do business and the precautions that we have had to take. Some companies might have experienced disruptions in their organizations and some far worse, having to shut down decade-long operations, possibly putting 2.4 million out of a job according to CBC. According to Global Workplace analytics, they estimate that 25-30% of the workforce will work from home multiple days a week. If any businesses were hesitant about implementing a digital transformation, these numbers are a clear indication that a change is necessary. 

“Statistics Canada suggests that 50% of Canadian businesses have lost ⅕ of their revenue due to COVID-19”

With more than a year into this pandemic, the way we share information has shifted drastically, there is a significant increase in the need for a single source of truth. And although having these digital resources is not the answer to all the consequences of a contactless world, it gives businesses the opportunity to pull through and embrace the inevitable future in digitization. 

Robust and complete Field Service Management technology makes working during the pandemic a much safer environment for both your employees and customers. Taking advantage of the efficiency, productivity and agility that technology brings into your operations is the only way to grow or at the very least, survive in this environment. 

ServiceEcho has a number of tools that enable field service companies to be effective- whether that’s through minimized contact with customers through automation or by increasing the efficiency of your field technicians.

Automating routine tasks

Having a cloud-based platform is the most effective way to improve efficiency while minimizing errors. With one single source of information shared amongst the entire organization, generating and analyzing reports in line with KPIs is easy. Invoicing can be done on location without needing to go in and out of the office. Not only is this more efficient but it is safer and in compliance with OHS regulations. Your resources can then be deployed more strategically. This allows your team in the office to spend less time managing the service team, and more time on identifying sales/service opportunities to grow your business.

Communicating efficiently 

Communicating with employees is an integral part of providing excellent customer service. This would be a difficult task without the right tools and applications. With ServiceEcho, communication is simplified as workers don’t have to rely on their team for updated customer information, quotes or requests. They have everything they need, quite literally at their fingertips, on their handheld devices. This allows them to complete their tasks better while providing your customers with the best service. If customers have questions about prior services or orders, that information is easily accessible without having to make a single phone call. 

Health and Safety of Employees and Customers

Taking advantage of digital devices during the pandemic is essential. With a reduced need to physically be present at the office and less paperwork, contact is minimized. ServiceEcho allows you to digitize inventory management, invoicing and customer signatures which not only reduces the overall risk but streamlines your processes. By eliminating paper, technicians can collect signatures on their mobile devices, and wipe their devices with disinfectant to minimize the risk of transmission. Keeping technicians and customers as safe as possible.

Scheduling and Dispatching 

An end-to-end FSM solution like ServiceEcho has the capability to automate dispatching and scheduling, directly to your technician’s devices. Saving time and minimizing contact while making the entire process easier for the dispatcher, allowing them to optimize their technician’s schedules- without the need to re-print every little change and notifying them about said changes time and again while also increasing productivity with tools like drag and drop schedulers. 

Data Management

Having one centralized location for all data, shared across all levels of the organization allows for complete visibility. Field technicians can update any relevant information about assets, inventory, customer history, notes, documents and signatures directly from on-site, that reaches the right people, in real-time so every decision is an informed one. They can also access everything they may need using the same powerful tool like ServiceEcho, which allows them to accurately get the job done and comply with workplace health and safety. 

Leveraging a field service solution for your operations, especially during a pandemic is essential for a business to not only survive but also grow and increase profitability while providing the same, excellent service that customers expect from you. To gain a competitive advantage in your industry, learn more about ServiceEcho and how it can digitize your field service management.

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