What is Augmented Reality, and How can the Field Service Industry Use it?

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As time passes, newer and newer technologies are developed and invented. From virtual reality to augmented reality. More improved technology will be developed in the future to assist in better serving humanity. It is ideal that we address the emerging topic of augmented reality technology, which will undoubtedly play a major part in the future growth of field service management. 

In this article, we will explain what augmented reality is and how field service businesses will use it. 

What is Augmented reality? 

Augmented reality (AR) is one of the most popular technology trends right now, and it will only grow in popularity as it becomes more widely available around the world. There are numerous isolated applications where AR technology can be found, such as the popular Pokemon Go app or the well-known social media Snapchat filters. All of them are entertainment applications that we are aware of but are unsure of the technology that powers them. This is referred to as augmented reality. According to the Harvard Business Review, augmented reality (AR) aids in the transformation of large amounts of data and analytics into pictures or animations that are superimposed on the real environment. In today’s world, most programs and visuals are accessed via mobile devices, but it is gradually becoming a hands-free procedure via head-mounted displays and eyeglasses. 

Augmented reality transforms the customer experience by giving them a more visual experience before purchasing a product or service. Ikea, for example, has developed an application that allows users to browse furniture products and virtually display them in their homes before purchasing the actual object. Augmented reality is employed in a variety of industries, including the automotive, health care, retail, and field service industries.

How can the field service industry use AR? 

AR can help the field service business function more efficiently and provide a better customer experience in a variety of ways. Currently, when a field service technician is dispatched to a project, they are most likely depending on notes and documentation created by others to fill them in on the work’s specifics. Now, if the paperwork isn’t done correctly or is misunderstood, there will be a lot of confusion, back and forth between techs and office personnel, and downtime. As a remedy, AR will allow technicians to visually scan the work orders, regardless of whether it is an electrical or plumbing issue, and will highlight the specifics required to fix the problem. This will not only improve the present technician’s understanding, but it will also allow the organization to function in a more effective manner, with fewer risks and time lost attempting to figure out problems ahead of time.

Another way that AR can be used in the field service business is to enhance the customer experience. Customers will be able to visualize the goods or services before purchasing them thanks to augmented reality. For example, if a customer is seeking landscaping services, AR will allow the user to scan and picture the various landscaping plans to gain a better understanding and visualization of how it will turn out before purchasing the service or having anything done. Customers will be more satisfied and comfortable because they will be able to observe the service before it is completed.

What are our plans 

At ServiceEcho, we love new technology, and we firmly feel that augmented reality is the way of the future. That being said, we are thrilled about what the future holds, so stay tuned for how we will integrate it into our present systems in the coming quarters.