Why Your Manufacturing Business Needs a Field Service Management Software

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Why Your Manufacturing Business Needs a Field Service Management Software

The industrial manufacturing industry is a highly diverse environment with major players contributing to a plethora of manufactured equipment, utilities, and technical systems. Not only do industry players manufacture goods, they often support their clients with installation and repair/maintenance services. An example of this is in the Boiler and Heat Exchanger manufacturing industry. These companies contribute to manufacturing heat exchangers, steam condensers, boilers, and aftercoolers as well as installing all of these industry products. With a high potential annual growth of 0.8% for 2021–2026 as stated by IBISWorld’s 2021 report, the industrial manufacturing industry is primed for success and can be best capitalized using field service management software. In this blog, we will discuss how field service management software is necessary for the future success of your manufacturing business. 

Efficient Inventory Management 

Inventory management is a key driver for success in the industrial manufacturing industry. Many industry operators have a diverse portfolio of manufactured goods that can also be highly technicinal in design, and either very large or small in size. IBISWorld’s 2021 industry report states on this matter, ”The diversity of products produced by the Manufacturing sector and the supply chain links that occur within the sector can result in the positive trends in one area being mitigated by negative trends in a related industry.” This is why it is important to have an asset manager from a field service management solution to improve the efficiency of your supply chains and manage a volatile and diverse product market. Through real time inventory count tracking and generating performance reports for assets to understand when and how they were used, you will better manage the pain points of your industry.  

Routing and Mapping Improvements

The industrial manufacturing industry also requires a high degree of transportation tasks and investments. Large quantities of inventory need to be moved from in and out of manufacturing facilities as well as to the customer for installation. In total, a large amount of time is spent on transportation, and therefore the potential for improved efficiency of services, and gaining a competitive advantage, is high in this regard. The way to do this is to improve the technological infrastructure of your supply chain using field service management software. The industry operators who are able to implement complex routing and mapping technologies to their drivers, will save time and money with efficient routing to and from the customer every time. IBISWorld’s 2021 report states, “Trade and technological advancement have largely shaped the long-term structure of the sector and the companies which operate in it.” This indicates that, to take the next step as an industrial manufacturer, it requires the ability to adapt to the latest advancements in routing and mapping to better your business. 

No Work Order Knowledge Gaps

As stated earlier, the Industrial Manufacturing industry requires operators to manage highly technical repairs and installations. This means that there is a possibility of unknown challenges and difficulties that may arise while a technician is on the job. This can include not having the proper parts or tools to do the job, or the customer providing details that were not known earlier. That is why setting your technicians up with the knowledge resources to overcome these challenges is vital. With field service management software, you will be able to create work orders that detail the necessary job descriptions and customer notes needed to arrive on the job prepared. With this information readily available on your technician’s mobile device at all times, no knowledge gaps will be seen in your business’s services and operations. 

The Solution 

If the features of a field service management software, as mentioned in this blog, interest you, then ServiceEcho is the solution for you. With real time inventory management, accurate mapping and routes technologies, and complex work order creation, your industrial manufacturing business will tackle the global challenges of the industry. Get a hold on complex supply chains, diversified product segments, and highly technician installation services with ServiceEcho. Book a demo below to learn more.