2022 Checklist for your Field Service Business

PrashanthBusiness Tips, Management

With the new year approaching, it is an excellent time to reevaluate current processes and consider making further changes to your existing workflow to improve productivity and overall performance.

Analyzing key performance indicators, checking to see if you’re up to date with the latest field service technology, and ensuring your field team is not understaffed are a few tasks that we will be discussing in this blog. 

In this blog, we will go over a few essential things that should be on your 2022 field service business checklist. 

Analyze Key Performance Indicators for the year

Measuring key performance indicators and reviewing key outcomes should be a top priority since they will show vital results that can better understand company performance. Using these measurements and making modifications should be a top priority, especially before the next fiscal year. Indicators such as client acquisition cost, net profit, first-time fix rates, and response times are all indicators that will provide you with high-level insight into team performance, which can aid in informed decision-making when the time comes. 

Most businesses look to outperform the previous fiscal year financially, so taking the initiative to measure primary performance outcomes will undoubtedly help them achieve that goal.

Investing in New Technologies and integrations

As years go by, new technology and software help improve companies’ efficiency and productivity. Running a field service business can be a daunting task when done manually, as it requires the team to focus on repetitive tasks that are not billable to the company. All field service businesses should be open to new technology and consider implementing a field service management system before going into the new year if not done so already. In order to see a difference in performance from the previous years, a change must occur. 

Investing back into the company will essentially help you grow it. Integrating field service software will streamline your current processes and make operations much more efficient. 

Companies that have already integrated these new technologies and software should measure the return on investment to evaluate how the investment has benefited the company overall. Analyzing this will help you discover if the investment was worth it or if it is time to consider another field service management provider that gets the job done for less cost. 

Make sure the field team is not understaffed

There may have been employees who have resigned throughout the year that were not replaced, which may have led to an understaffed team. Filling up the vacant positions should be a high-priority task on your checklist because having an understaffed team will lead to poor performance and employee burnout. To avoid employee burnout and high turnover rates, you should look to hire experienced technicians right away and spend some time training them before the new fiscal year. 

During this time, employee recognition and promotions are encouraged as it will motivate your employee to work harder and keep the company morale high going into the holidays. There is often a saying that many people say during this time: NEW YEAR NEW ME, this should be all companies attitude going into the new year.

ServiceEcho can help streamline your current process, making it a much more efficient aid in boosting productivity from your field team. 2022 is a great time to take the initiative in improving your existing workflow. We have implemented many changes and added plenty of new features used by several field service companies in various industries. The time to change is now, so if you are currently using a field service management software that does not align with your current workflows or not using any. Book a demo to discuss how we can help you steer your field service company in the right direction for the new year.