5 reasons your field service operations need a centralized source of information

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Amongst other exciting features, Field Service Management Software provides users with a centralized source of information. Why is this important? Lack of information has led to poor customer service and inventory management. To successfully manage your field service team and maximize your revenue, having one single source of information can prove to be profitable. Let’s take a deeper look at how:

Customer Service

Customers expect service that is specific to their needs, they may have settled a few years ago for basic services but today they expect personalized service in a timely manner. For technicians to remember each customers’ history and preferences is nearly impossible and can lead to dissatisfied clients. Having a Field Service Management solution, for example, that has mobile applications giving each technician the only tool they need to access the customers’ complete profile gives them the upper hand in providing personalized service. This customer profile is constantly updated and is linked to the office- meaning the information is accurate, relevant and shared amongst the entire organization.

Going paperless

The possibility of errors with physical invoices, reports or customer data is too high. With a hundred different sources of information, mistakes are inevitable and may cost your business a valuable customer. Having a mobile application can enable your technicians to update all relevant data from the field itself so that your office has instant access to anything they may need. All technicians and managers are sharing the same information, meaning the room for errors is minimized and more can be done with fewer resources. Not to mention, the added benefit of reducing paper consumption and the costs associated with it. 


Something that most businesses struggle with is communication, more so for a field service business where technicians are out on the field, sometimes without a stable internet connection and network. Hence it is important for communication to be efficient and effective without disrupting technicians’ work. With a centralized source of information and means of communicating, technicians can keep their managers informed without having to call the office back and forth. Functionalities like tracking, time management, real-time document upload and sharing make it easy for managers to gain visibility while increasing productivity. 

Administrative tasks

As field service management software allows for integration between various departments, organizations can enjoy the reduced costs, increased efficiency and save time on administrative tasks. With automatic invoices being generated, inventory management, documents or image uploads, all information is shared in the cloud, where it is easily accessible and safely stored. A significant amount of time is saved as there is no need for entry and re-entry of information, possibly allowing your customers to complete payments quicker and reduce any errors that come with manual data entry. 

Reporting and analysis 

Having integrated data systems makes it easier to analyze and generate reports on technicians’ performance management, parts and inventory management and customer patterns. Using an FSM solution enables this integration and allows higher-ups to make decisions that are backed by relevant data and statistics. Measuring and tracking KPIs can help your business pinpoint areas of weakness and increase productivity. 

Having a single source of data ensures that information is always available when technicians need it, and that information is relevant and reliable. Each department of the business will experience the advantages of having an FSM solution that integrates seamlessly with others, improving efficiency and productivity in the long run. To learn more about what an FSM solution can do for your business, book a demo today!

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