Benefits of having a GPS feature

PrashanthBusiness Tips, Field Service

Most field service technicians work out on the field and are rarely seen in the office. With that being said, most of the technician’s time is spent driving to the different work orders and waiting in traffic. This causes technicians to be stressed as they begin to worry about not being able to make their work order on time. 

In this blog, we will discuss the benefits of having a GPS feature integrated into your field service management solution and how ServiceEcho’s robust solution can help you reap the benefits of a GPS feature. 

Reduce time stuck in traffic

According to a traffic data company INRIX, the average US driver spends 97 hours stuck behind vehicles in 2018 which translates to two and a half work weeks. Traffic causes a lot of unexpected downtime and stress for drivers and technicians. With a coordinated GPS tool, dispatchers can send technicians optimal routes to take to avoid traffic and get to their work orders faster. This can also ensure that deliveries will be delivered on time and reduce the number of hours technicians spent in traffic. It will also reduce the amount of fuel consumption and costs.  Delays and avoiding traffic is inevitable and it does happen, but allowing it to occur often can cause detrimental effects to companies productivity and profitability. With optimal routes given to technicians, they will be less likely to be stressed and more confident when they arrive on-site to serve their customers. 

At ServiceEcho, we want your technicians to be spending more time on billable work instead of travel. An is why we have integrated an easy-to-use mapping and routing feature that works using GPS in our solution. 

Encourage Safety and teamwork 

When technicians are out on the field, it is ideal that the people in the office are ensuring that their technicians are safe. At ServiceEcho, we acknowledge the safety of technicians and that is why we have a mapping and routing feature integrated into our field service solution to allow dispatchers and people in the office to track and know the whereabouts of their technicians.

With GPS tracking in place, technicians can track other technicians. This encourages teamwork, as technicians can assist other technicians around them in completing their work orders. Ultimately, improving productivity and ensuring more profitability. 

Better Customer service

Customers look for service providers that are transparent and flexible. With the office having the ability to track technicians, they can make more flexible decisions to better serve the customer.

An example of a common scenario is: A scheduled technician is assigned to a certain work order and is currently running late and will not be able to make the next scheduled work order. With this example, without efficiently tracking your other technicians you will not be able to replace that tech and serve that customer that day and will be forced to serve them the next day. This causes a lot of tension because now the customer is waiting and is most likely going to be frustrated when the technician does arrive. Having the ability to track down other technicians that are close by and adding them to this last-minute work order can not only get the job done at that set time but will also be appreciated by the customer. Being able to assign other technicians in case of emergencies cannot be done without knowing where they are. 

At ServiceEcho, we acknowledge that the technicians are the backbone of your field service businesses, and that is why we created a robust solution that helps dispatch and track technicians to best suit your working needs. To learn more about our solution and our other features, Book a Demo and speak to an expert.