How a Field Service Management Solution can Assist the Oil and Gas Industry in Enhancing Productivity in their Workflow.

PrashanthBusiness Tips, Oil and Gas

Over the last few decades, the oil and gas industry’s workflow has transformed. Previously, all operations and data collecting was done manually, which took a long time. Industries such as oil and gas are able to optimize their workflow and make more informed decisions thanks to recent technological advancements.

Engineers and technicians are performing less and less time-consuming jobs thanks to these new technologies. This is advantageous to both the industry and the employee, as the industry can devote more time to what matters most, and the employee is not expected to repeat the same task.

In this blog, we’ll look at how a field service management solution can assist the oil and gas industry to enhance productivity in their workflow.

How will the FSM solution help? 

When it comes to making judgments, the oil and gas business is heavily reliant on datasets. It’s ideal that they’re documenting and recording these data points in a style that can be simply updated if necessary. Companies can rapidly document and save live data, videos, and photographs using field service management solutions. Techs can pull up and access any form of data with the touch of a few buttons with this capability. This will assist technicians to make better selections. According to shiny docs, petroleum engineers and technicians spend almost half their time assembling and analyzing data. Data is identified as a key metric in the Oil and Gas industry, and it is used to make everyday decisions. Businesses can make more accurate judgments, prevent mishaps, and be better prepared with the correct quantitative data. Having a clear and unambiguous data set aids engineers in reducing drilling time and increasing drilling safety. Finally, it enables businesses to maximize asset performance and accurately measure product performance. As a result, they can make quality modifications and equipment changes if they are underperforming. 

Technicians will be able to focus on more revenue-generating opportunities instead of tedious work that can be done digitally with an FSM solution. This enables them to have a more productive and seamless workflow. 

Maintenance approach

Unexpected shutdowns and downtime can cost your oil and gas company millions of dollars and have a negative impact on production. Because of the abuse of machines and inadequate maintenance practices, oil and gas industries experience repeated downtime. With production highly dependent on heavy machinery and technology, firms should explore a more predictable maintenance approach rather than a break-fix method to assist avoid unplanned downtimes. With a field service management solution, companies are now able to document and track all maintenance histories and enable companies to have a predictive maintenance approach. This will ensure productivity in the workflow as there will be less unexpected downtime and stoppages. Companies can now receive warnings and alerts when essential maintenance is due, thanks to the ServiceEcho field service management solution. This will serve as a reminder to operators and engineers to schedule maintenance and prepare a planned outage. Overall, firms using a predictive maintenance method will be able to predict any production-impacting incidents and address them before they happen.

At ServiceEcho, we recognize the value of technology and how it can be used successfully to improve efficiency. That’s why we built a solid solution that focuses on streamlining any fieldwork done out on the field into the office as seamlessly as possible. Technology is the way of the future, and it’s better to get used to it now rather than later. Book a demo today to discover more about our solution and how it may help you enhance productivity in your workflow.