How can Electrical Companies Increase its Operational Efficiency Using an FSM Solution?

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With the electrical industry being a highly demanding industry, it is essential that electrical companies provide their electricians with the necessary tools and support while they are out on the field. The adoption of new technologies will aid in the improvement of operational efficiency and will enable electricians to provide better service to their customers. With ServiceEcho’s mobile field service application, electrical companies can now enable their electricians to offer digital invoicing to their customers. 

This blog will explain how electrical companies can benefit from using ServiceEcho field service management solutions.

Reduction of paperwork 

Business paperwork sucks and storing and filing paper can be a time-consuming task that can be avoided with the ServiceEcho field service solution. An office worker uses 10,000 sheets of paper per year on average. Paper is considered a direct cost for businesses, and with workers using such large amounts of paper, the company will undoubtedly incur significant costs. A typical employee spends 30- 40% of their time searching through filing cabinets for the right data, and some may never find it. Having said that, documenting important information, invoices, and data on paper is not the most efficient method because sheets can be misplaced and lost.

Going paperless will not only save your company money, but it will also be an environmentally responsible decision, as the excessive use of paper is harming the environment. ServiceEcho’s solution enables businesses to record and document everything online and store it in a more organized manner. This will save you time in the long run when making decisions, as there will be no need to search through cabinets and files for the right information. 

Digital invoicing 

Over time, the invoicing process evolved from the traditional paper and pencil method to a more digital one. Invoices with the traditional paper and pencil method are prone to being inaccurate and misplaced, especially in a fast-paced environment like the electrical industry. Manually drafting invoices for your customer can be a time-consuming task. With electricians on the move and switching between work orders, there’s a good chance they’ll mix up invoice copies or misplace them, costing the company time and money. At ServiceEcho, we understand the importance of invoicing and how difficult it can be to manage and manually quote each client. That is why we created an easy-to-use invoicing tool that allows electricians to quote customers in a matter of seconds. When compared to the manual approach, the digital approach will cut the processing time in half. With a digital invoicing system, your electricians can provide a more transparent service to their customers.

Expense tracking

Managing electrician expenses can be a difficult administrative task, especially when a large team is involved. Manually tracking electrician expenses can quickly become overwhelming due to a large number of receipts. Depending on the number of electricians and technicians on staff, this could take up the majority of your working day. With electricians constantly on the move, there is a risk that they will lose or misplace their receipts, resulting in a loss of reimbursement. To improve efficiency, ServiceEcho has developed a method for electricians to take a photo and upload their receipts using their phones. This saves the administrator time from sorting through so many paper receipts and ensures that electricians are reimbursed. It also stops electricians from having the need to hoard and carry around their receipts. 

Implementing new technologies not only improves operational efficiency but is also something that your electricians or technicians will appreciate. As their day-to-day operations become less difficult and time-consuming. At ServiceEcho, we understand the needs of the company as well as the desires of the field workers, which is why we developed a robust solution that integrates seamlessly with workflows. Book a Demo to learn more about our solution and how it can be beneficial for your electrical company.