How FSM software can increase visibility between technicians and back office

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One of the prominent issues that field service organizations face is the lack of real-time communication and visibility between the back office team and the field service technicians. On the surface, lack of visibility may not seem like an issue, but it could lead to lower customer satisfaction, loss of productivity and revenue. Deploying a field service management solution can provide visibility while improving field to office communication and customer satisfaction.

Here are some ways an FSM software can increase visibility:  

Technicians can easily be appointed using drag and drop calendars with FSM solutions like ServiceEcho. Managers can easily view and move around technicians’ work orders for the day without having to relay this information back and forth. This allows for less downtime and more time spent with customers while reducing the chance of missed appointments or delays. Technicians can be more adaptable and meet more work orders as this visibility allows for rapid flexibility. 

When every technician has visibility on customer history and preferences, customer service is drastically improved. Time spent on sharing this information between different technicians or back and forth with the office is cut back. This information can be updated in real-time and fix rates are improved as a result. ServiceEcho’s field service solution allows for documents, pictures and other necessary information to be uploaded through a mobile device and shared amongst the team. 

Real-time data, sharing crucial information about travel times, time spent on tasks, amount of inventory on-hand, invoices generated, signatures collections, and much more will help increase the visibility between the office and technicians. Resulting in a fluid operation in your field service organization. All of this data can be collected and shared instantaneously under one powerful app, ServiceEcho.

FSM solutions don’t only allow you to gain real-time visibility but improve comprehensive visibility in the long run. Using the data collected from mobile devices on the field, information about employees’ performance, inventory levels, and customer patterns can be gathered. These reports can then be used to implement methods of improvement where necessary. Gathering this data through an FSM solution allows for fewer errors, more time saved, and real-time updates which means your decisions are always made using relevant information. 

Lastly, a centralized solution such as ServiceEcho creates a simplified communication channel. Technicians can easily access their schedules through the mobile app and upload any relevant information without losing important documents or wasting time on administrative tasks like invoicing. Avoiding disjointed communication can save significant time and resources.

Overall, having visibility on your team as a field service manager and being able to look back and access relevant information about customer history, inventory, and technicians’ performance can help the decision-making process. Book a demo with ServiceEcho today to increase visibility on your field service team!

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