How Technicians can Increase Revenue Using a Field Service Application

PrashanthField Service, Management

Service technicians are the anchor of the field service company, as they are the customer representative, the technical workers, and the salesperson. With them being the face of your company, it is ideal to integrate software and tools that will make their jobs easier and efficient. With a mobile field service management application, technicians are able to leverage the instant invoicing, expense tracking, and scheduling features in alleviating work orders. 

In this blog, we will discuss how technicians can increase revenue using ServiceEcho’s mobile field service application.

Benefits of having an Application

Having a mobile application installed onto technician work phones will allow people in the office to stay in touch with them and give them frequent updates if needed. This application will allow techs to store any important information that has been documented on the work order. Everything from scheduling to invoicing can be edited and drafted in the app, making it seamless for technicians as there will be no need to carry around pen and paper.

This application will allow technicians to pull up work history on past jobs and will simply allow them to be more informed and prepared when they arrive on site. With the ability to pull up previous work history, technicians will be able to identify customer pain points and resolve them faster as they are aware of the previous jobs. This feature will help techs complete work orders quicker and allow more service to be done. 

Invoicing is a crucial part of revenue generation, and having a non-seamless approach can cost your business tons of money and deals. With a manual invoicing approach, customers begin to become skeptical as they fear random markups and hidden charges making them hesitant in continuing on with their deal or contract. Having a mobile field service management application will allow technicians to provide digital invoices to customers in real-time and on spot. Making it more efficient and transparent to the customer. With a mobile invoicing feature in the application, techs will be able to close more deals faster. 

Lastly, with the mobile application techs are able to save time. In this demanding industry, it is ideal that companies look to adopt efficient methods to save time as time is money. The mobile app will allow techs to record and document everything that is needed on their phone. It will automatically be saved and uploaded to the cloud and to the people at the office. It will reduce the amount of downtime spent on going through paperwork and files as information is accessible to you with a click of a few buttons. With all this time saved, techs will be able to take on more revenue generating opportunities. 

At ServiceEcho, we acknowledge how demanding the field service industry is, and that is why we created a mobile solution to help you manage and generate opportunities. We work hard so you can reap the benefits. To learn more about how you can use our solution to help increase revenue, book a Demo today!