How to improve your customer service and retention using Field Service Management Software

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Customer service should be every field service companies #1 priority. Offering reactive communication isn’t enough, it must be proactive. When having a technician in the field on a work order, it is imperative that the process in this touchpoint is as smooth as possible. With Field Service Management, you are provided with the tools to provide the utmost quality of customer service, in order to make customers happy and retain them. Most field managers and executives have realized this, In an FSM Gartner report, it was stated that “By 2020, 70% of organizations will cite customer satisfaction as a primary benefit derived from implementing field service management, up from approximately 50% today” How exactly do customer service and retention increase with Field Service Management?

Improved Visibility between Office and Field Technicians

With FSM, Field Technicians are now equipped with all the necessary information to offer better service, this can include service history to identify common pain points that are associated with equipment maintenance/repair. In addition, technicians have access to guides, and instruction manuals on their mobile devices in the case that they need extra help with a work order, rather than waste time and resources on calling another technician to help with the order. Managers will have real-time information about inventory so that they can track and assure that their technicians have the right tools so that they can get it right the first time. 

Customers are also able to receive real-time updates about when their technician is set to arrive, this is possible due to real-time data being shared between the office and technicians, keeping customers informed and offering them better transparency. Managers can also appropriately select which technician should be sent based on the work order needs and the technician’s expertise so that the technician is able to answer all the customer’s concerns and questions. FSM allows for managers and technicians to be in sync so that they can offer a fast, reliable, and customized customer service experience.

Useful Data on Customer Interactions

Customers want a fast and personalized service, FSM helps you achieve that by providing managers with data, reports, and KPI’s that show work order performance. Here managers are able to get insights into how their technicians are fulfilling the work orders. This is all possible because of the digitalization of the company’s process through FSM. 

Personalization may include: sending preferred technicians that the customer had a good experience with to continue to build on those relationships, schedule work orders to the most optimal times based on customers’ preferred times, schedule regular maintenance work based on customer needs and much more. This will help you with creating a customer experience that is focused on customer satisfaction and is based on real-time data.

Empowered Technicians

When technicians are empowered by FSM tools, they will provide faster and superior customer service. For instance, automatic invoices and collecting onsite signatures on their mobile devices allow them to make the invoicing process easier and get to the next customer faster. Having technicians focus on their expertise rather than administrative tasks will make technicians feel empowered and save time, which equals better customer service.

Implementing FSM software that gives your customer the best experience is now a standard. Any service business that falls short is likely to lose a valuable customer and its revenue. Finding the right solution, catered perfectly to your business and customer needs will help your business retain existing customers and attract new ones. To learn more about a customizable FSM solution, book a demo today!

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