How to Leverage Digital Transformation to Improve Customer Service?

PrashanthBusiness Tips, Field Service

Digital transformation is occurring everywhere, especially in business. Companies are looking to seamlessly integrate new technologies and software to help better serve their customers. An example of a new technology that can be used to better serve customers is in the Field Service industry. With robust field service management, field service companies can reduce the amount of time done on tedious tasks like invoicing and administration work. Thus, allowing them to focus on more direct revenue generating activities. 

We will discuss how ServiceEcho’s robust solution can be leveraged to help improve customer service. 

Mapping and Routing

When providing a service to a customer, it is important to be punctual. As customers are taking time out of their day to wait for the service provider or technician to arrive. Technicians tend to arrive late because of the following reasons: they were running late from a previous job or they got lost on the way to the customer. We understand that mistakes are inevitable and mistakes do happen, but we also believe that there is always a way to reduce them. With an integrated mapping system in the ServiceEcho solution, technicians can locate and map themselves from their current location to the next work order. This routing feature system will map out the most optimal route to the next customer or assign it to another closer technician, ensuring that the customer will get serviced on time. 

Automated invoicing & Digital Documentation

When a service is provided, customers tend to ask for an invoice on the spot, most companies will then pull out a notebook and pen and markup a few numbers in which sometimes may not make sense to the customer. This causes distress to the customer, as they are unsure of the accuracy of the invoice.  With manual invoicing, invoices tend to take a long time to process as there is an appreciable amount of back and forth between technicians and offices which causes a more uncomfortable process for the customer. With ServiceEcho’s automated invoicing feature, technicians can provide a transparent quote to the customer on the spot. This will not only speed up the invoicing process but will also give the customer a more sense of relief as they are aware of what they are paying for. By using this digital automated invoicing feature by ServiceEcho, you can provide more transparent services which will definitely lead to repeated customers and higher quality of customer service.  

Customers tend to have many questions about the service that is being done and it is in technicians best interest to provide transparent answers. Documenting pictures, live recordings, and notes on a mobile device to be later sent to the office and the customer cannot be done without digital technology. With this feature, technicians can have a more detailed view of the service and can store and refer back to the information later on if needed. This feature benefits the technician and the customer as well as they can see what services were done. Ultimately, customers really shop for fast, quality, and transparent services, and with that being said ServiceEcho field solution can help your field service business provide these services through our robust solution. Book a Demo and speak to an expert on how we provide our customer focus solutions.