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With over a decade of experience serving customers in the Field Service Management Industry, ServiceEcho has successfully implemented solutions, improved efficiency and increased customer satisfaction for diverse operations. Here is a round-up of a few customers and how we helped them solve unique challenges in their industry:

AMGAS: Oil and Gas Industry

AMGAS is a leader in Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) treatment for the oil industry since the 1980s and has a track record of over 50,000 projects. AMGAS has grown across the world and currently has operations in Canada, the US, Asia and the Middle East.

They faced quite a few challenges in terms of improving their invoicing process and getting paid on time, field and sales teams were operating on different CRM systems, they were looking for a way to increase visibility between teams and a way to empower their technicians.

With ServiceEcho, AMGAS has the perfect tool to generate opportunities, create work orders and keep the office updated with tasks ready to be invoiced. Integrating their CRM system seamlessly with their operations allowed all quotes and customer records to be accessed with ease. Ultimately, there was a 50% reduction in office to field communications, 80% reduction in time spent on converting quotes into work order dispatch and 100% visibility on opportunities generated by technicians.

“ServiceEcho exceeded our expectations during the onboarding and going live process” Kara Jacober, Executive Administrative Assistant

DJ Rain: Irrigation and Lawn Sprinkler Industry

DJ Rain is Toronto’s top professional irrigation company that has over 60 years of hands-on experience. Specializing in lawn irrigation design, construction, service, and installation for use in residential, commercial, industrial, recreational, and golf course applications.

DJ Rain faced challenges associated with growth, managing an increased workload, staff, and a growing list of customers is a difficult challenge. DJ Rain’s office managers were becoming overworked and their old ways of doing things just couldn’t scale to the demands of the growing business. Maintaining a customer database was additional work and scheduling Technicians and processing paperwork were incredibly time-consuming.

ServiceEcho robust FSM platform allowed DJ Rain to: Quickly schedule a technician for an emergency call, inform customers immediately of any schedule delays, equip the service team with specific customer needs and information, provide proof of work and obtain customer approvals from the field Bill customers, avoid bill-shock and manage payroll for a growing service team and track inventory levels and work orders for each service truck. Resulting in a 90% increase in-the-office productivity and a 15% increase in out-of-office productivity

 “The office spends less time managing the Field Team and more time identifying new sales and service opportunities” Niel Risavy, Owner and President

Quick Contractors: General Contractors

Quick Contractors was founded in 2004 when Trevor Bouchard struggled to find a reliable contractor. Today, Quick Contractors employs over 5000 independent contractors and is one of Canada’s largest in the field and continues to rapidly grow.

Quick Contractors faced inefficiencies when creating invoices because of insufficient data. Tasks were unorganized and confusing for field workers, managers found that they were unprepared and lacked business insight at times. Performance management took a considerable amount of time and heavily relied on contractors manually inputting data. 

ServiceEcho has worked closely with Quick Contractors to find a suitable solution. QC now has useful data from their technicians that cut down the invoicing process by 85% making it significantly easier with less manual work. Performance management has improved by 50% and is simplified as contractors can be evaluated on a day-to-day basis in real-time allowing QC to maximize productivity. Issues with unreliable contractors are eliminated because they always have relevant, reliable information about tasks with the ServiceEcho app. 

“Although we had our requirements pretty defined, ServiceEcho understands our business, they know what we do, they know what’s important for us, so I feel like that is what differentiates ServiceEcho from the previous experience that we had” Sean Brown, Service Director 

ServiceEcho has served across multiple industries, successfully improving customer satisfaction and revenue for our customers. Book a demo today to learn more about what ServiceEcho can do for you!

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