What are the Three Immediate Perks you get when you Switch to a Field Service Software?

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With technological systems advancing, it is important that you look to invest in adopting these new technologies into your workflow because most of the time they integrate seamlessly and genuinely allow you to run more efficiently. With that stated, we understand how difficult it can be to run a field service business without a field service management solution, hence why we will outline the three instant benefits you will receive from integrating a field service solution into your workflow.

In this blog article, we will discuss how ServiceEcho’s solution can help you increase productivity in your workflow, improve communication among coworkers, and lessen your reliance on paper.

Increase productivity 

Productivity is an important indicator that many field service organizations track as it helps you see how much work is actually getting done in the time allocated. When working without a field service solution, technicians and administrators are assigned plenty of time-consuming tasks and paperwork to perform. These time-consuming tasks might divert attention away from actual billable work. According to the smart sheet, 40% of employees report spending at least a quarter of their workweek on repetitive duties. It is not feasible for a company to operate with that much time spent on tasks that may be truly automated. When you implement ServiceEcho’s robust solution, you will not only reduce the amount of paperwork, filing, and other time-consuming tasks required by the administrator, but you will also integrate your quoting, scheduling, routing, and invoicing into one powerful app that can then be accessed on any mobile device. According to another survey conducted by smart sheet, 60% of consumers believe that automation can help them save up to 6 hours or more of their workweek. All in all, with a solution in place you will boost productivity and reduce non-billable hours spent on tedious activities.

Improve communication

When it comes to running a field service business, communication is crucial because it is ideal to keep connected with the workers out in the field because they are the ones that represent the firm to the customers. It is critical that you provide your personnel with all of the necessary documentation and customer information before they arrive on-site, as this will increase communication between the customer and the technician. Miscommunication, downtime, and dissatisfied clients are all possibilities if the service technician is not prepared ahead of time. To combat this, ServiceEcho’s cloud-based solution allows papers, invoices, and updates to be instantly transmitted from the office to the field, ensuring that all parties are kept up to date in real-time.

When service technicians are out in the field and want assistance, they typically phone for assistance. This can be exhausting because workers may demand frequent assistance, which means someone must be accessible on the other end of the phone to answer these phone calls. This reduces productivity. Technicians may get solutions to their questions using our solution, which includes documentation, notes, and answers. Overall, our closed-based approach significantly reduces the communication gap between workers in the field and those in the office.

Less paper usage

Last but not least, the reduction of paper use is regarded as a significant benefit for field service organizations since it allows them to cut expenditure costs such as filing and storing while also limiting the time spent on these time-consuming operations. Field service organizations can now operate paperlessly thanks to our strong solution. Using our documentation tool, technicians and office workers may collect and record data on their phones. Field service organizations may say goodbye to filing cabinets and hello to a paperless system with our solution in place.

We developed our strong solution to assist in the streamlining of any fieldwork from the field to the office. We work hard at ServiceEcho so that you can reap the benefits. Request a demo and speak with a representative about how our solution can help you.