3 Reasons Why You Need To Stop Using Spreadsheets To Manage Your Business

Aeshah AhmedBusiness Tips, Management

When first starting out, spreadsheets are the easiest way to keep track of tasks such as managing your clients, work orders and schedules. And even as you start to grow, spreadsheets may still seem that way. The pros of using a spreadsheet is that it’s free, simple to use, and customizable. But it is also important to understand the cons. During a time of substantial technological innovation, continuing to use spreadsheets to manage your business can hold your business back from performing efficiently and growing.

In this blog, we will go over three reasons why you need to stop using spreadsheets to manage your business.

Prone to Error

With large sets of data being managed in spreadsheets, they are bound to contain errors and they contain no way of verifying correct data is being imputed. In addition, manual data entry adds on to the potential of introducing errors. One wrong click can lead to accidently deleting or overwriting parts of the data. This can go unnoticed, until it’s too late, and end up costing your business lots of money. With a field service management tool, simplifies the process and significantly decreases the chances of errors.

Not a One-Size-Fits All 

The main use of a spreadsheet is to organize data, and it works to a certain extent. But when you are looking to scale your business, you are looking to get more advanced information from your data. Some of this advanced information can include: generating detailed reports, tracking and categorizing expenses, managing inventory, and managing customer interactions. Traditional spreadsheets don’t have the advanced capabilities to carry out certain activities and may not give you the results you’d like.

Poor UI

Spreadsheets provide generic and simple versions of data, and when working with large amounts, it can be intimidating and difficult to understand. In order to get the most out of your data, it’s important to be able to organize it visually. Because it is something your teams will be checking often, you want to make sure your data and information are customized to include the most important reports and ensure that it’s easily understood. From there, your business has greater potential of using the data effectively to make better decisions. 


Sticking to spreadsheet use is hindering your business potential to grow. Making the switch from a spreadsheet can seem daunting, but the short and long term benefits greatly outweigh it. A field service management software, like ServiceEcho, can help with accounting, inventory management, and generating performance reports. If you would like to ditch the spreadsheets and keep up with technology, book a demo below to learn more.