A Day in the Life of a Field Service Manager

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Field service managers are responsible for overseeing the day-to-day operations of their business. They commonly manage a team of technicians, contractors, and other employees who provide their services to clients. In a previous blog post, we walked you through a day in the life of a field technician. In this blog, we will be going through a day in the life of a field service manager. 

Getting Started

To start the day off at the office, a field service manager begins by getting onto their field service management software and looking at the work orders from the previous day. They can then review the reports and see if any further action is required. Next, the manager will check the schedule to see the technicians’ work orders for the day. On the software, they can track their technicians in case of any unexpected inquiries. They can also see the exact time of their technician’s arrival, how long they worked on a work order, and when they left for their next work order. 

Daily Tasks

Once the manager ensures everyone is off to a good start, it is time to check their email for any new work orders, authorizations on parts, and so on. Next, they will plan and schedule work orders for the following days. With the drag-and-drop scheduling tool, managers have a high-level view of the work week and can efficiently schedule work orders for their team based on availability and experience. So far, everything is going smoothly; the technicians are working through their work orders, and their schedules for the next couple of days are finalized.

Unexpected Obstacles 

Sometimes managers receive emergency calls from customers and have to find a technician available to take it on. With the location tracker, managers can check their technicians’ location and schedule to see who is closest to the site. From there, the manager can fill out the work order details and assign it to the technician. The technician receives all the details on their phone in the FSM app. Using an FSM tool makes communication between the office and field teams more efficient by allowing them to share information instantaneously.   

End of the Day

At the end of the day, the field manager can check the dashboard and review the performance reports. Using these insights allows managers to plan the work for their team more effectively and make better-informed decisions. Finally, the manager will check if there are any pending work orders or any unresolved issues one last time. Once everything looks good, it is time to head home after another great day of excellent service and satisfied customers.

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