Business Paperwork Sucks

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When managing a field service business, you are responsible for handling many tasks. Some tasks can be considered more boring than others but they still must be done. A common task that is considered to be a pain for many people in the industry is paperwork. Business paperwork sucks because it takes up so much time to record, file and store. 

In this blog, we will discuss why businesses should consider going paperless and why business paperwork sucks. 

Cost / Storage

Documenting and recording data on paper is now considered obsolete, although many firms continue to do it. Businesses frequently underestimate the cost of recording and storing paperwork. According to Gartner Inc, 3 percent of a company’s income is spent on paper, printing, filing, and storing information files. Having stated that, field service businesses will spend a lot of money merely for this operation. Storing information can be a stressful process because there may be mountains of paperwork to keep track of; this will essentially consume all of your employees’ time on non-revenue-generating tasks. Filing documents in cabinets is not the most effective technique of preserving them because errors can occur and information can go missing. When it comes to making decisions, you want to be able to access your data promptly and not have to walk back and forth through files in cabinets.

Going paperless is a great business decision because it reduces immediate expenses and saves time. It will also allow you to be more efficient and organized, particularly while making decisions because information and data will be available with a few clicks.

Increase risk

There are many steps in the process of capturing and documenting data, from when technicians begin to make the initial record to when it is filed. This can result in misplacements, data degradation, and even paper loss along the road. Because humans make mistakes and errors are unavoidable, there is a substantial possibility that data will be recorded inaccurately when data is captured manually. The danger of documenting digitally versus on paper differs, with paper posing greater risks of misplacement or erroneous data. Companies will be able to not only file data in a more ordered manner, but they will also be able to retrieve it whenever they need it without having to sift through files and wasting time. Overall, the cost of manually documenting on paper is far more than that of employing a paperless method, which should be something that all businesses consider.

Our Solution and how it Helps 

We at ServiceEcho recognize the future of going paperless, which is why we included a fantastic documentation tool in our comprehensive solution. This tool will enable your techs and office workers to record and preserve data based on client profiles online. This function guarantees that you have the appropriate information at the appropriate time. Using our technology to digitally record data allows you to share numerous copies with stakeholders or decision-makers with a few clicks. This will improve visibility in your workflow and allow decision-makers to make more confident decisions. Going paperless will not only be a great efficient alternative, but it will also be an environmental response, as the excessive use of paper is harming the environment. Speak with an expert today to learn more about our documentation feature or our robust solution.