Common Misconceptions About Implementing Field Service Management

Aeshah AhmedField Service, Technology

Many field service businesses have transitioned to using field service management software to help them become more efficient, productive, and technologically savvy. However, many companies have also been hesitant to embrace FSM software due to common misconceptions about going digital. 

This blog will go through five common misconceptions about implementing FSM software.

“Our Current Paper-Based System Works Fine, Why Change Now?”

According to Financesonline, 52% of companies stick to their manual methods for most field service tasks. Your current paper-based system may seem to work well for you, and you may think that you don’t need to update it, but with new technological innovations in the field service industry, you will need to keep your systems up to date to stay ahead of the competition. Remaining on a paper-based system allows for a more significant margin of error. Mistakes include; mistyping address information, incorrect work order details, the possibility of losing the paper with the information, and not having the right equipment needed while on the job. This method is inefficient and not productive at all. Implementing an FSM software system allows all tasks to be streamlined into a simple process to increase efficiency, customer satisfaction, and employee productivity.

“We Aren’t Technically Savvy”

You may also think that your staff isn’t comfortable with using technology or they don’t know how to operate it within your business’s system . Some people may feel intimidated by switching from a paper method to a digital one. But the purpose of using FSM software is to make processes more accessible and intuitive. According to ReachOut, 89% of customers want to see modern, on-demand technology applied to their technician’s scheduling. Because of the rapid technological advancements in the field service industry, companies must keep up if they want to remain competitive. The best way to learn is to try it out and experience the first-hand benefits it can have on your business’s employees and customers. For some FSM software, you can get a free trial to experience the benefits before fully committing. You can also get onboarding support and customize it to your needs throughout the implementation process. Embracing technology is inevitable if you want your field service business to be successful.

“Our Field Workers Aren’t Always Connected to the Internet. How Can They Have Access Offline?”

We know that when managing field-based staff, employees are often in the field or on the move without any access to the internet. With this in mind, most FSM software systems have a mobile application that works offline. Field workers can receive and send information to the office without an internet connection. Then once they connect to the internet, all the information will automatically sync. According to ISE, about 75% of field service businesses that utilize mobility tools have observed increased employee productivity, while the rest have seen customer satisfaction rates rise.

“Implementing an FSM System is Difficult and Time-Consuming”

One of the most common misconceptions about FSM software is that they are challenging to use and implementation requires a lot of time. When it comes to implementation, the benefits of using FSM software greatly outweigh the time it takes to set up. You can customize and configure the platform to your business needs throughout the setup process and have ongoing support. According to a survey conducted by West Monroe, 36% of managers spend 3-4 hours a day on administrative tasks, such as scheduling, filing, and documentation. Instead, using FSM software will decrease the time wasted using manual processes and allow field technicians to spend more time completing work orders. In the end, an FSM system will simplify and streamline your operations by eliminating costly and unnecessary steps.

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