Few Things to Bring up in your Next Field Service Meeting

PrashanthBusiness Tips, Management

Running a field service business can be exhausting at times, especially when there is no communication. Communication is essential when it comes to managing a business as it ensures that people are aligned with company goals and keeps the business running smoothly. 

Having weekly meetings to discuss current issues on job orders can be a way to get live updates on current work orders and move along with new ideas that can potentially generate more opportunities for your field service business. 

In this blog, we will discuss a few things that should be brought up in your next field service meeting. 

Communicate current obstacles and hurdles

With your field service technicians being the company representatives, it is best that you first discuss obstacles or hurdles that they may be facing when out on the field. Doing this will not only help you improve employee performance but will also help you build a more committed relationship with your employees. It is important to address the hurdles your field service team faces because essentially these obstacles can place a detrimental impact on the company or the worker if not addressed. It is in the field service manager’s best interest to keep their technicians happy as mentioned there are the ones that represent the company and bring the business revenue-generating opportunities. 

Analyzing current KPI 

Measuring company key performance indicators will really help you understand as a business owner what decisions are working and what are not. It will allow you to make necessary changes to better perform in the following quarter.  Analyzing these key performance indicators will also allow you to measure company performance and field service team success. Metrics like first-time rate fix rate, travel time, and response time can really provide the company with great insights and really allow them to make more informed decisions.

To learn more about the other important KPI metrics check out our recent blog post on what KPI all field service businesses should measure. 

Share the importance of customer experience 

Revising the customer journey and going over the customer touchpoint with your team would be ideal. Highlighting the importance of the customer journey during meetings is important because it reminds your field service team of what the company really focuses on and what they really prioritize. It is beneficial to go over and share customer experiences and problems during these meetings, as it will result in a better understanding of how to handle these problems and provide a better solution for the problem if it was to ever occur again. 

At the end of the day, it is the manager’s responsibility to share the importance of customer experiences and engagement to their field service team as essentially that is what will help grow your brand and build healthier lasting relationships. 

Consider investing in a field service management software if not already doing so

Being open to new innovations and changes to the current workflow should always be something that is discussed. With technology always changing it is best that you take advantage of it and consider integrating new software into your current workflow. Integrating a field service management software into your workflow will go a long way as it will streamline all your fieldwork from the field to the office seamlessly. With field service management software, companies are able to equip technicians with customer data, job site information, turn-by-turn navigation, and more other useful resources that essentially make their jobs much easier. 

There are so many benefits of implementing a field service management solution, but the main one would be the efficiency it will bring to your business. With a field service management solution like ServiceEcho in place, say goodbye to tedious administrative tasks and say hello to more billable work.  To learn more about our robust solution and how we can integrate it into your workflow, book a demo and speak to an expert.