How to Help Improve Technicians Productivity?

PrashanthBusiness Tips, Management

Technicians are the backbone of field service businesses, they are the ones that provide services to customers and truly represent the business. With that being said, it is important to ensure that technician’s day-to-day tasks are done efficiently and effectively. It is important that the office measures technician’s productivity levels on a regular basis, as it is a way to measure performance levels and allow you to make training decisions. 

In this blog post, we will discuss three ways to help improve technician productivity.

Implement an FSM solution to improve efficiency

When it comes to managing your field service business, there are many tedious tasks that workers in the office and technicians are asked to do. Whether it is invoicing, scheduling or administrative paperwork these tasks are recurring that take up enormous amounts of time which clouds the technicians and workers from working on other revenue-generating tasks.  

Technicians are out on the field and most of the time there either on a work order or there waiting to get dispatched. To efficiently maximize their productivity and time, people in the office have to ensure that they are connected with technicians and are providing them with the correct details on work orders. 

All of these tasks can be done instantly and in real-time using the ServiceEcho field service management solution. With our field service management solution, technicians can work more productively and efficiently as they will be spending less time on drafting invoices and paperwork and more time on getting the job done. In addition, with our guided navigation feature, technicians will be able to get to the right location at the right time. Our offline documentation tool permits technicians to document live photos, videos, and notes on work orders which can then be uploaded to the work system and referred to whenever they need to. This documentation tool will increase technician productivity, as they will be able to make more informed decisions using accurate data.  Lastly, our smooth scheduling and dispatching feature will allow dispatchers to dispatch technicians based on their credentials and experience ensuring technicians are dispatched to the right work order. Thus, minimizing all downtime and maximizing the first-time fix rate.  

With the right FSM solution, technicians can allocate their time more efficiently and towards more revenue-generating tasks. As with the right tools, technicians’ jobs will become effortless. 

Recognition and Reward system

Technicians work extremely hard to represent your field service business, so it is only right that they get recognition from the company for their hard work. A recent study has proven that a simple expression or recognition by someone in authority increases productivity level by 50%. With that being said, recognizing your technician’s hard work can go a long way in motivating them to work harder and be more productive out on the field. 

Another way to increase productivity is an organizational reward system. It is ideal to set up quantifiable goals especially for the field service industry as it is a demanding industry. Having a reward system will truly motivate your workers to work hard.

At ServiceEcho, we acknowledge how hard it is to run a field service business and manage technician’s productivity. This is why we implemented our field service solution with the goal of helping companies provide the right tools for their technicians to work productively. To learn more about our solution and how it can help increase technician’s productivity, book a Demo today and speak to an expert.