Most common pitfalls when implementing Field service software and how to avoid them

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Running a field service operation, especially remotely is not easy. Being efficient and productive is something that many businesses still struggle with. Statistics show that 52% of service businesses still do things manually, resulting in greater errors and costs. It is beneficial for a field service company to embrace the digitization of the FSM industry, however some businesses may fail to implement the software effectively.

These pitfalls can greatly affect the most important stakeholder- your customers. Here are some ways to avoid common field service pitfalls while switching to field service management software:

Lack of preparation

Switching to any software without doing thorough research on how the company can customize their product to your specific needs can be detrimental. Telling your employees that they have to switch from their routine way of working to something completely different and daunting will result in more frustration and resistance. It is important to prepare your team and provide them with the right training to get the most out of your investment. Some software companies even provide ongoing support and training to maximize productivity. 

This digitization is likely to affect each department, so it is important to communicate clearly and align your organization’s goals and objectives. 

Thinking short term not long term

Digitizing your field service business is a big decision to make, so understandably, managers expect to see immediate results. However, it is crucial to understand that if you want your business to see results that your team can sustain, it requires patience. Developing a solution that is perfectly catered to your customers is a timely process. To really benefit from FSM software, identifying trends in customer patterns or inventory for example requires significant amounts of data. There is most likely going to be a learning curve for the entire organization and so expecting immediate results is unrealistic. 

Understanding that implementation is a process that cannot be rushed and thinking about productivity, customer satisfaction and efficiency, in the long run, can result in a smoother transition. 

Lack of willingness to accept changes

Despite the fact that digitization can simplify the process for every employee in a Field Service business, it may be faced with some resistance. Change can be daunting to some employees who have been accustomed to a certain way of doing things. The software can fix multiple issues such as having to manually create invoices, team management or reduced efficiency if implemented correctly. But it is necessary for a business to identify these needs so that the company can address those problems or it could create another issue to tackle. 

To get the highest return on investment and avoid unnecessary costs, clearly establishing with your software provider what features your team will benefit from the most can be effective.

Losing sight of customers 

Your customer is the most important factor of your business, when making managerial decisions you always have to keep them in mind. Oftentimes you may think you are giving your customers a great customer experience, but companies should be actively searching for ways to constantly improve. In an increasingly impatient world, organizations must find a way to serve their customers better, faster and more efficiently and so your FSM solution should ensure customer satisfaction. With technologies rapidly changing and improving, a robust FSM can get you to that level of customer satisfaction that will delight your customers and retain them. 

Make sure your customers are the priority, ultimately every decision should positively impact their experience. Communicate clearly with your software provider that customer service is key.

Investing too soon

Identifying problems and finding solutions are the first few steps of implementing the perfect solution. But investing in a solution without trying it out first is what most businesses might do. Don’t invest in software without doing a demo. It is common practice for most solutions to offer a demo and some even go as far as to create environments that fulfill your specific needs. Making a hasty decision will result in wasted resources and potential, ultimately discouraging your team from embracing any new technology. 

Implementing field service management technology is a step in the right direction, however it must be an informed decision and should benefit all stakeholders even if that benefit is slightly delayed. If you want to learn about how you successfully increase productivity and efficiency with ServiceEcho, book a demo today!

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