The Impacts of FSM Solutions on the Elevator Service Industry

Petar StefanovicElevator Service, Field Service, Management

Within the field service industry, elevator service operators tackle some of the most physically grueling tasks, all while following vitally stringent safety regulations. On top of that, the complex mechanisms that encompass the elevator system require key problem solving skills from technicians to correctly evaluate and select the right solution for each problem. 

With a field service management solution built for the elevator service industry, these key factors for an elevator service operator can be alleviated and become more manageable. In this blog we will discuss how a field service management solution can do just that. 

Physically Demanding

Oftentimes while in the field, elevator operators are required to do many physically demanding tasks, day in and day out. For example, lifting elevator rails in a 20 or 30 storey building can be extremely fatigued and demanding on the technician’s body. All of this creates a work environment where the work capacity of technicians and the efficiency of their work order is of great importance, as risks of physical burnout and unnecessary strain are prevalent. However, by using a software based scheduler and inventory manager, your technicians will be able to arrive on the job with the correct equipment and inventory while also organizing their tasks to accommodate their work capacity. 

Safety Concerns

Elevator operators also face challenges in following safety regulations in order to keep themselves and their customers safe. As elevators are often unique to each building, it is important to follow guidelines and not cut corners when fixing and installing elevators. Elevator operators must be aware of all the safety precautions for each elevator, and account for this when focusing on the safety of their customers and themselves. With a field service management solution built for the elevator industry, you will be better prepared with the right safety guidelines at your disposal and real time updates from the field to the office. Technicians can view unique safety guidelines and information on their mobile device and arrive on the scene prepared. 

Problem Solving Challenges

Being an elevator service operator requires strong problem solving skills, as the diverse set of parts and the multitude of issues that may arise can be a challenge to solve on the spot. Operators must be qualified in rigging and hoisting, construction hoist hydraulics systems, electrical work, and circuit tracing in order to successfully analyze the problem and implement the solution. A field service management solution enables your technicians to arrive on the job with all the necessary job and customer details in order to maximize their ability to discover the problems and implement their solutions faster. Additionally, a field service management solution ensures that all the correct inventory items are up to date and working at a high capacity. This will ensure your technicians are focused on problem solving and using their qualified skills instead of stressing over equipment issues or information gaps. 


With the correct field service management solution, your elevator service operators will reduce unnecessary physical challenges, ensure the safety of their customers and themselves, and focus on solving problems in the field. ServiceEcho provides you with an extensive field service management solution with a scheduler, work order manager, mapping and routing abilities, and an asset manager all in one place. If you are looking for a solution to your elevator service management needs, feel free to book a demo below and learn more about how ServiceEcho is right for you.