Tips on Strengthening Your Relationship with Customers

PrashanthBusiness Tips, Field Service

Strengthening your relationship with customers will not only provide you value but will also help build company success in the long run. According to a study done by HI, It has been proven that most field service businesses make the most revenue through recurring business. With that in mind, good customer relationships will also generate qualified leads through referrals. 

In this blog post, you will learn three ways to build a committed relationship with your customers and how ServiceEcho implements these ways when providing a field service management solution. 

Improve communication

Communication is key when it comes to building relationships, especially in the field service industry. Without effective communication, there are high chances of making costly mistakes and damaging relationships. When operating a field service company, there tends to be a communication gap between the technicians and the office. This leads to callbacks which then result in downtime and upset customers. To resolve these issues and close the communication gap, technicians and the workers in the office need to be in sync. This can be solved by the ServiceEcho Team Management feature. 

This feature allows the office to track technicians and schedule them using an easy drag and drop function. With alert notifications, technicians are then aware of what tasks need to be completed and any last minute changes on work orders. With the improvement of communication between field technicians and the office, there will be fewer chances of callback and more satisfied customers.   

Transparency, Transparency, Transparency

Being transparent with your customers will go a long way, as that is what grows trust between you and your customers. Field Service companies can now be more transparent to their customers by using our clear and concise invoicing tool. At ServiceEcho, we acknowledge that having a transparent billing system is a key solution to driving relationships and trust. That is why we implemented a mobile billing system that allows technicians to quote customers on the spot. This process will give customers more relief and comfort in continuing doing business with your company. 

In order to strengthen relationships with customers, it is ideal that you educate them. Customers tend to have a lot of questions and concerns and it is important that you address them. Addressing these questions is a way to nurture your customer relationship and develop trust. Educating customers can be done by providing them details of a job and showing them the work behind it. This can be done using our built-in documentation tool that allows technicians to capture and record their job. With this feature, technicians can be transparent with their customers and will be able to document all the work into the customer profile just in case they need to come back for another work order. 

Trust stems tremendously from transparency and so with the right invoicing and documentation tool, your company will be able to strengthen relationships. 


Consistency is a trait customers look for when doing business with field service companies. It is important that companies provide the same quality service to every customer, as that is what helps convert regular customers into lifelong customers. But sometimes companies get overwhelmed with administrative tasks and paperwork which later clouds their consistency resulting in poor service. Having a robust field service management software like ServiceEcho streamlines your operations. This translates to your technicians and office staff spending less time on tedious administrative tasks and more time on revenue-generating opportunities and consistent service. 

At ServiceEcho, one of our core values we pride ourselves on is staying committed to our customers and providing them with an out-of-the-box solution that fits their needs. Want to see how ServiceEcho helps you provide a committed customer experience through our Field Service Management solution? Reach out to our team to learn more, and book a demo today.