Would You Spend $5,000 to Make $60,000?

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When it comes to planning for your field service company’s long-term goals, it can be daunting. Making decisions can be challenging. Making decisions when dealing with uncertainty can be even more challenging. Feelings of uncertainty can significantly influence your behavior and decision-making process, usually negatively. What if there was a way to remove the uncertainty and help you confidently take control of your decisions? 

Read on to learn how a small investment of $5,000 into ServiceEcho, can generate $60,000 worth of savings for your field service business.

Free Return on Investment (ROI) Calculator

For the first time, we are releasing our ROI Calculator publicly, so you can see how impactful ServiceEcho can be for your field service company and the long-term growth and success you can gain. Our new ROI Calculator was built to allow you to input your company’s data and see the yearly ROI improvements that will be achieved with ServiceEcho over the next five years. In the first section of the calculator under Company Snapshot, you will input details regarding your company’s back-office system’s status. This includes fields related to the revenue of your company, and the number of office employees for different occupations. This section will also ask for your payroll expenses as well as the times it takes for your company to conduct scheduling, invoicing, and payroll for work orders. In the next section called Field Snapshot, you will input details related to the onsite statistics of your company. Fields in this section include the amount of field workers you have, their hourly pay, and the average amount of work orders they complete in a day. Other important fields include the amount you are spending on fuel and the percentage of re-visits for your company. And that’s it! You will now be able to see your results in the following sections. Keep in mind that the calculator will work best if you input your most up to date information.      

Explaining the Key Fields 

First-Call Resolution: The first call resolution metric is designed to show how ServiceEcho will enable you to complete your client’s field service tasks the first time you do business with them. In other words, ServiceEcho ensures you do a great job the first time around as the customer is satisfied with your service the moment the work is completed. Building trust with your customers is extremely important, so be sure to use this metric in your daily business practice. 

Repayment Period: This metric shows you the time it takes to repay the initial investment of ServiceEcho based on your increased revenue and decreased costs from using ServiceEcho’s platform. You will be pleasantly surprised as to how short of a time it will take to make back your investment.

About ServiceEcho

ServiceEcho is an industry-leading field service management platform that streamlines your service process so you can spend less time on tedious tasks. With ServiceEcho, you can seamlessly manage your team’s most vital tasks, such as scheduling, inventory, billing, and payroll. We also partner with Salesforce, Quickbooks, Google Apps, and other leading applications to help provide you with the most beneficial field service management platform. ServiceEcho is also available on Android and iOS devices that works offline to provide you with the most accurate, updated information for office staff and field technicians, so you can have all the data they need to serve the customers better right at your fingertips.

Maximize Your ROI With ServiceEcho

If you want to invest in a reliable field service management tool that will increase your ROI and help your company grow and succeed, look no further than to ServiceEcho. The reason ServiceEcho enables your company to earn a high return on your investment is that when using our platform your productivity will dramatically increase. With a more efficient business process, you will earn more revenue, decrease your costs, and be able to take on more work orders. This is why ServiceEcho makes a difference, as with a short term investment, you will see long term efficiency improvements across your entire business. The exponential growth of using our field service management tool ensures that you quickly cover your investment and then some in the following years. Use our free ROI calculator by inputting your numbers to see how ServiceEcho will save and grow your investment over the next five years. Book a demo below if you are intrigued and want to discover more about how we can help your company. Try out the ROI calculator yourself below.