Benefits of Integrating Quickbooks with your Field Service Management

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Quickbooks is an accounting and customer relationship management software widely used by small to medium-sized businesses. It is often used as a first CRM by small businesses due to the ability to store contact information and buying history. In contrast, field service management software is something that a lot of small businesses have not considered implementing in their organization. This could be due to two reasons, either they think they are too small of a business to afford and implement such software, or they don’t realize that complete field service management software can be fully integrated into their Quickbooks.

Getting FSM software as a small to medium-size business can have the ability to improve and streamline its operations. It is important to note that choosing the right provider is key. A robust solution like ServiceEcho can integrate seamlessly with your Quickbooks and any other CRM of your choice. The point of FSM is to have a system in place to make your technicians, dispatchers, and managers’ life easier and to assist them in their work.

These are some benefits that your field service organization can reap when implementing a field service management software that is integrated with your Quickbooks software. 

Synced Customer Database

A great benefit for companies that use Quickbooks who want to implement a field service solution is that their customer database is in QuickBooks. Every single customer is synchronized with the field service management software in real-time. Therefore, when dispatchers are taking calls for work orders, it’s that crucial customer information from your QuickBooks that is streamlining the process. 

Where it benefits small-to-medium-sized organizations is in the precious time it saves that you can now spend on serving your customers better, and a new integrated environment. Paper-based invoices and work orders can easily result in careless errors. With ServiceEcho’s seamless integration with Quickbooks, information is in real-time and always accurate. Make duplicate entries an echo of the past. Update in your FSM and it’s automatically updated in Quickbooks and vice-versa. Your field service organization needs accurate information and an integrated system to offer consistent, fast, and quality service.

Integrated Invoicing System

One of the major questions that you may have is, how will this affect my invoicing process? The simple answer to this question is that having an integrated FSM and Quickbooks will result in creating instant invoices instead of waiting hours or days. Automatic invoices are calculated when your technician finishes at the site, from the information that is in Quickbooks and the FSM. QuickBooks receives work orders to complete tax calculations, which then an invoice is returned to the field service software. The tedious process of turning work orders into invoices can be labor-intensive and for small business owners, it can take an unnecessary amount of time. When work orders fail to be returned quickly, this can result in the customer waiting hours, days, or even weeks to get an invoice. During this lag period, information can be missing and get lost, resulting in incorrect invoices being sent out. With a robust FSM like ServicEcho that is built to be integrated for QuickBooks, inputs of work order information that is sent back to the office through the ServiceEcho mobile field service app, are then turned into invoices for the technician to present to the customer. A streamlined invoicing process will ultimately save you time and money, so you can focus on growing your business and offering high-quality service.

For the organizations that utilize QuickBooks who are hesitant to dive into a field service management software, the benefits far outweigh the costs. You need an integrated system, working with each other to run a successful field service company.

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