Common Field Service Administrative Tasks That Can Cost Your Business

Petar StefanovicBusiness Tips, Field Service, Management

As field service technicians go through their daily tasks, there are many systems and processes that need to be organized in order for the business to function properly. The efficiency of these operations dictate the success of your field service business as extra time spent on these tasks can result in higher administrative and operational costs. In this blog, we will discuss three common administrative tasks that can cost your field service business.  

Manual Map and Routing

A common task that many field service businesses do on a daily basis is driving and transporting operators and their equipment to the worksite. Oftentimes the routing and mapping that the driver follows heavily dictates the time it takes to arrive on the job. If this process is done manually using the intuition of the driver and their ability to locate the site, many intrinsic errors can occur. Traffic and road blockages as a result of taking inefficient routes can also cause unnecessary delays in the process. This is why leaving these administrative tasks to be completed manually may cost your business precious time and resources.

Paper Storage and Billing

Another common task completed by field technicians is filling out work orders and billing paper forms. For almost every job these papers must be filled out and stored accordingly for historical records. Oftentimes this leads to a plethora of paper files that require storage and consistent maintenance. Many errors can occur with these traditional paper processes including delays, inaccurate completion of the work or billing, and disorganized or lost storing of the files. This is why paper storage and billing can cost your business and prevent it from  operating efficiently. 

Delayed Scheduling and Work Orders

Field service technicians process scheduling and work orders on a daily basis to ensure work is allocated correctly and as efficiently as possible. Most of the time this task is completed using paper processes and verbal communication to dictate what tasks need to be completed and when.. Depending on traditional methods such as paper scheduling as well as verbal communication can lead to administrative errors when allocating work orders. Paper scheduling is not updated in real time so that all workers, whether on site or in the office, can be notified if a change is made. Additionally, verbally organizing work can result in more in person meetings, ultimately costing your business time and resources. 

The Solution

Common tasks of manually mapping and routing, using paper storage and billing, and using slow scheduling and work orders require an efficient and effective management solution. ServiceEcho is an extensive field service management solution with a scheduler, work order manager, mapping and routing abilities, and an asset manager. If you are looking for a way to reduce the costs of your business, feel free to book a demo below and learn more about how ServiceEcho is right for you.