Five Reasons Why you Should Implement ServiceEcho into your Workflow?

PrashanthBusiness Tips, Management

Managing a field service business can be difficult when all operations are conducted manually. It will not only be difficult but it will also take amounts of time. At ServiceEcho, we look to help companies not only streamline their workflow but also look to increase operational efficiency. 

With that being said in this blog post, we will discuss five reasons why you should implement ServiceEcho into your workflow. 

1: Reduce costs and time 

There will be numerous cost savings with the ServiceEcho solution in place. Travel expenses, paper expenses, and administrative expenses will all be reduced. Companies will now have more money to spend on other valued services and resources as these recurring expenditures are decreased. Paper costs will be decreased by utilizing our solution’s digital invoicing and documentation capabilities. Using our solution, technicians and field workers will be able to provide digital invoices to their customers. This will not only save the technician’s usage of paper but will also allow you to offer your customers a more clear and concise invoice. Our documentation feature allows you to document keynotes of information on your mobile device. 

With both of these capabilities in place, your organization will save a significant amount of time, as manual documentation and invoicing can consume technicians’ time and prevent them from moving on to other billable work. We at ServiceEcho want to provide you with a solution that not only makes running a field service business easier but also makes the work for your technicians easier.

2: Increase visibility

Without a well-organized scheduling tool, scheduling and dispatching can be a nightmare. Some businesses are still doing this manually and over the phone. This procedure works, but it is inefficient and out of date. Since scheduling and dispatching are critical components of any field service business, you should make every effort to make this process as efficient as possible.

There will be a lot of back and forth on the phone when manually scheduling technicians, and with techs constantly on the road, the chances of them being able to answer the calls are deemed quite low.

With ServiceEcho’s scheduling and dispatching tool, office personnel will be able to assign work orders using our simple drag-and-drop method, which will then simply alert the technician via push notifications. This technique avoids the time-consuming back-and-forth phone calls that were previously required. The purpose of this function is to increase the visibility of the company work week and work month.

3: Increase productivity 

To strive for company growth, productivity and efficiency are two essential factors that must be on point in order to take the firm to the next level. Having said that, it is excellent for field service organizations to explore innovative strategies to boost productivity. Our solution handles all client data and provides technicians with access to all critical information with the press of a few clicks. This will increase productivity because technicians will be able to obtain all customer details and be more prepared in a matter of minutes. Managing and producing job orders efficiently can greatly improve workflow productivity, since seeing these tasks in a more structured manner can greatly assist technicians and field employees in knowing what has to be done.

4: Get Paid faster 

The invoicing process can be considered a frustrating back and forth process if not clear. There are currently many field service companies that are using the antiquated paper and pen approach when it comes to invoicing. With this approach, there can be delays, errors, and worse underpayment. With a digital invoicing feature, your field service business will not only be able to offer a transparent invoice but will also get paid faster. With our solution in place, all invoices that are drafted digitally will be synced and sent to the office immediately ensuring that everything is saved and is on file.

5: Seamless integration

Finally, integration is critical for businesses that are hesitant to adapt and make new adjustments to their workflow. This is why we merged with Quickbooks, a widely known accounting program that is used by many field service companies. Being a native Salesforce user makes integration into companies’ workflow a breeze, as Salesforce is known to be a huge CRM tool that is used all around North America. 

At ServiceEcho, we work hard to provide you with a robust solution to all of your field service needs. To understand more about our solution, schedule a demo today and chat with an expert about how we can assist you.