How Using Field Service Management Software Can Increase ROI

Aeshah AhmedBusiness Tips, Field Service, Management

Digital transformation is essential in the field service industry to run a successful business. With the right field service management software, businesses can manage their work orders, inventory, customers, and invoices more efficiently. Investing in FSM software allows companies to efficiently delegate tasks to field technicians. By investing your time more wisely, you will be able to focus more on bigger things, which in turn will increase your ROI.

In this blog we will go through the benefits of using a field service management software and how it can increase your company’s ROI.

Increase Employee Productivity and Satisfaction

In order to increase employee productivity, you need to be able to get more done in less time. In order to do this you must ensure there is clear communication between your dispatcher and field technicians. A FSM software provides both office software and a mobile app, so field technicians can get real-time updates regarding work order details, invoices, and jobsite routing. Field technicians are able to move on to the next job quicker, by having access to all the information they need right at the touch of a button, instead of wasting time on the phone with the office. This leads to a more streamlined process that contributes to improving efficiency and increasing ROI. 

Improve Customer Experience

While a high performing and efficient workforce is the core of your business, customer experience remains crucial for growing your company and increasing ROI. With exceptional customer service, you encourage repeat business, brand loyalty, and future recommendation of your services to others. When technicians provide seamless service by arriving on time with all the right tools and information, it gives customers a good impression. In turn, your business is able to build credibility and a positive reputation. All of this can be done by using a FSM tool that will provide technicians with all work order details, optimal routing to and from worksites, and seamless invoicing tools. 

Reduced Overhead Costs

Using an FSM tool allows you to reduce overhead costs in all parts of the business, which contributes to reducing ROI. First, it eliminates the need for paperwork and manual processing by having all important information online, such as work order and customer details as well as invoices and reports. This decreases the amount of time wasted searching for paperwork and the time spent on manual scheduling and dispatching. Second, using an FSM tool allows you to track your inventory so you know when you are running low, to avoid rush orders, and prevent technicians from arriving at jobs without the correct parts. And last, an FSM tool takes traffic and construction into account to provide the most optimal route to job sites, which reduces fuel costs. 

Performance Reports

It is important to be able to track your progress to see where you might still require improvement and make more informed decisions. By using an FSM tool, you are able to view detailed performance reports on a dynamic dashboard. You are able to track inventory levels, the number of hours spent on the field, and more. This allows you to make data-driven decisions which boost your chances of improving your ROI. 

Improve ROI With ServiceEcho

ServiceEcho is a native Salesforce field service management software that can help you increase your field service company’s ROI. Improved customer service, increased employee efficiency, faster invoicing, reduced overhead costs, and performance reports are a few of the many benefits of using ServiceEcho. If you would like to gain a competitive edge and increase ROI of your field service business, book a demo today to learn more about ServiceEcho.