Offline capabilities of an FSM solution

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We have previously discussed the capabilities of an FSM software that you need and offline functionalities are extremely important for technicians. Oftentimes, the conditions in which technicians find themselves aren’t optimal for effective in-the-field and office communication. This sets them up for failure- whether it’s because of miscommunication, lack of information, or delays in billing, ultimately leading to poor customer service

That is why having offline capabilities is a necessity. The importance of a reliable and trustworthy solution is especially evident when your technicians are perhaps underground in remote locations or places where the network is terrible. 

Here are some features of an FSM solution that provides offline capabilities that can ensure the best customer experience and the highest level of productivity in the worst conditions. 

Customer history 

Providing top-tier customer service is only possible when technicians know their customers and their history. Have they had repairs on this equipment before? Has their warranty expired? Does their contract end in a few weeks? With no network to call the office and confirm such details, the technician is most likely to miss opportunities for upselling or make errors that could have easily been prevented.

ServiceEcho has capabilities that technicians have access to any information they need whether that’s customer preferences, notes, history, or anything another technician may have deemed important. With access to the same information at all times, each technician is prepared to serve any customer, saving time and resources it would otherwise cost. 

So technicians can bill customers accurately, identify issues quicker and with accuracy using all the necessary information and make the best decisions accordingly.

Documentation and syncing

To have reliable and accurate customer history, technicians need to be able to provide the information- the quicker the better. Of course in certain situations, instantaneous information being sent back and forth between the office isn’t possible, ServiceEcho provides the next best thing. 

Technicians still have the capability to input information such as repair notes, asset or inventory information, and time spent on tasks instead of reverting to pen and paper because we know that it is inefficient and unreliable. Inputting information as usual and uploading all inputs as soon as the device has a stable connection without lifting a finger, means technicians can focus on getting the task done and leaving the rest to our FSM solution.

Billing and invoicing

Creating invoices is a timely process- if not done using an FSM solution like ServiceEcho. 

Technicians have the ability to create and get invoices from on site that customers can sign so you can get paid faster. 

With pen and paper, the information would have to be collected, taken back to the office, filed by administrative staff, sent back to customers and then wait longer to be paid. With ServiceEcho, a premade, custom template, has the exact boxes you need for your business that ensure technicians make fewer mistakes and customers experience the most efficient billing process- all offline.

Once connected to the internet, the invoice is sent directly to the office to keep records digitally, saving time and resources.

Note that these offline features still allow technicians to maximize ServiceEcho’s features allowing them to be productive and efficient and our features are developed to ensure that connectivity does not affect your customer service. With these functionalities, the chances of your technicians performing poorly are eliminated. Check out ServiceEcho and what its offline capabilities can do for your business. 

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