Signs That it is Time to Change Your FSM Provider

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Nowadays, Field Service companies with mobile field technicians have some form of field service management software. The company that utilizes FSM software can enjoy increased revenue, high first-time fixed rates, a higher level of customer satisfaction, improved visibility, and much more. Yet, a company can only reap those benefits if the software is doing its job and is working as advertised. If you are not achieving positive performance metrics, you should reconsider your field service management provider.

Being in the FSM industry for 10+ years, these are the most common reasons we hear companies don’t want to change their field service management provider are:

    –  Feeling they don’t have time and are too busy to change 

    –  They dread any potential disruptions to operations due to upgrading their FSM provider.

    –  They think it will take a month to onboard the team and can’t commit the time 

While these are reasonable precautions, a complete FSM like ServiceEcho will make that transition in a week with no disruptions to service or no headaches for field service managers and their field service technician team. Each day that passes when a company continues using an incompetent FSM, its business will be missing out on increased revenue and growth opportunities.

Here are some signs that indicate that it’s time to move on from your current FSM provider:

  • Customer retention rates are low/diminishing
  • There is no visibility between office and field team, causing inefficiencies 
  • Inventory gets lost, unable to track 
  • Low first-time fix rate
  • Issues with lost, ineligible, or damaged invoices
  • Current solution is costly to maintain
  • Your solution interface is hard to use and not user friendly
  • Inefficient routing/scheduling due to substandard optimization
  • Getting paid slow
  • Customers having to wait long times from the time they submit their work order
  • You can’t get key data from your solution
  • Your current software is affecting your KPIs negatively

A delay in switching to an experienced and knowledgeable provider will ultimately cost you money, hinder your growth, and leave you with unsatisfied customers. Other organizations who have chosen to go through with changing solutions have enjoyed significant improvements in their customer satisfaction, increased retention, satisfied field tech team, improved KPIs, and much more. Since customers are satisfied, they have also seen increased growth and revenue opportunities. Working with a software solution team that knows your business and is always adding features to streamline your operations is key.

ServiceEcho is a complete, robust, and customized Field Service Management solution, with its user-friendly platform, managing your field service organization has never been this simple and stress-free. Our goal is to provide a solution that allows you to focus on serving your customers better. From performance management to payroll, it allows you to manage your field team with an end-to-end solution, leaving your employees equipped with knowledge and tools to successfully deliver results.

Book a demo today to see what switching to ServiceEcho can do for your field service organization.

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